2014 Latitude series entry now open.

The Latitude event comprises an entry level Ocean Race / Challenge on the Saturday 22/11 plus a return to Melbourne rally on the Sunday 23/11. It represents the culmination of the "Beyond the Bay" program which sees participants head out in a safe, controlled manner to a predefined Latitude and then return on the same day to safely transit the Heads and join a social night at Blairgowrie Yacht Club on the Saturday night. On Sunday people can cruise home or join a more formal rally with other competitors.

For those thinking of getting into Ocean Racing or for novice skippers and crew, the Latitude race is a unique, fun way of doing so. Designed to be a tactical challenge, participants must match the route to the optimum performance of their boat. People must reach a defined Latitude, but are free to go to any Longitude they wish.

Join in the fun, give it a go.


Notice of Race HERE