2015 Latitude weather watch - Instalment 1, Getting to the start.

Welcome to the ORCV’s latest service - "The Optimist’s Weather Watch”
As usual, warnings apply regarding the reliability of any attempt to read the weather. There is the usual BOM caveat of "Wind gusts may be up to 40% stronger, waves may be up to twice the height” In this case you can add “wind direction could be up to 30 degrees off the directions given here (in which case you can bet  it will be going forward not shifting to the beam)”

Since the first job is getting to the start we’ll begin with a look at the forecast for Friday night.
Good news, since Monday the forecast has been progressively easing a tad and with a bit more west in it. Meteye says “Watch the Fawkner Beacon observations until the sea breeze dies out after 6pm and then head off. Things will get progressively more uncomfortable after 11pm so the sooner you get into the lee of the Bellarine peninsular the better." An added plus is that if you make it to Queenscliff before 3:30am you’ll have the tide in your favour.
Here is a snippet of the wind forecast for the trek down to Queenscliff.


Stay tuned for the second instalment “The Big event” which I’m hoping would be sub-titled “Reaching for success” but is not looking that way at present.

by The Optimist