2015 Latitude weather watch - Instalment 2

Sometimes I think I might as well be reading fish entrails instead of studying the computer weather models. Lets see what has and hasn’t changed in the last 24 hours.
What has changed -
Friday -
1. Not much sign of a sea breeze on Friday anymore. Those of you planning to head off early Friday morning in time for a daylight passage and dinner in Queenscliff will be motoring to begin with until a gentle breeze establishes itself from the west in the afternoon.
2. If you have a choice (and we should always have one) 8pm in the evening is not a good time given the forecast says the SW wind will quickly move around to the west by 11pm.
Saturday -
Slight easing of conditions during the race period says most of you should make your turning Latitude before the wind picks up around 1pm for the spinnaker run back through the heads. At least that’s what the Race Director told me to say.


The Sailing Instructions.
If you haven’t caught up on the latest  Notice to Competitors then now would be a good time to check the website.

What hasn’t changed-
The tidal predictions, West Channel will still turn to flood around 3:30am Saturday.
The forecast direction for Saturday - still SSW which will give the tacticians something to think about as they set themselves up for the run back.

Cheers and fair sailing
The Optimist.