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Satellite Phones for Yachts not equipped with HF radio now approved for ORCV Cat 1 & 2 Races


In a move which will help contain the cost of offshore racing, ORCV is pleased to confirm that Australian Sailing has approved the use of Sat Phones for all ORCV Cat 1 & 2 Races in yachts which are not HF equipped.

Sat phones are substantially cheaper to purchase, and unlike HF radios which require substantial set up, are readily available on the rental market.

In summary, the requirements of the dispensation are that all boats not complying with the HF radio requirements of SR 3.25.1(a) must have an appropriately configured VHF radio and shall carry a satellite phone that can:

  • Demonstrate speed dialling to AMSA and the ORCV Race Director
  • Can receive appropriate weather warnings
  • Be recharged during racing or are permanently connected to the boat’s power supply
  • If portable are attached to the boat at all times
  • Only the Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks are approved

The VHF radio must be permanently installed, DSC capable, programmed with a MMSI and connected to a GPS receiver.

For more details (variations vary for Cat 1 & Cat 2) visit our Melbourne to Hobart and Melbourne to Noumea race pages.

Nominations are requested for OCEAN RACER OF THE YEAR.


This award is for The White Family Shenandoah II Perpetual Trophy.

It recognizes excellence in the attributes of ocean racing and is not restricted to sailing results, but rather can be for such things as crew leadership, victualing, navigation, repairs at sea, oceanography or contributions to the ocean racing sport.

Nominations are required by the 3rd. October. Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 ORCV Notice of the 32nd Annual General Meeting and Trophy Presentation

The Annual General Meeting of Members will be held at Albert Sailing Club, 1 Aquatic Dr, South Melbourne VIC 3205 on Monday, 9th October 2017 at 6:30pm.

Following the AGM there will be an interval for light refreshments and then the Presentation of Trophies for the 2016-17 season will take place.

You are encouraged to bring your crew and guests along to enjoy the evening.

To register your interest use the form below.

ORCV Winter Series 2017 Geelong Finale invites Osaka Entrants

by Rosemary Colahan

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria’s annual Winter Series launched with a bang and shower of flares on Sunday 2 July 2017 and is shaping up for a bumper finish with the annual Geelong Race weekend on 9-10 September.

This year the ORCV and the Melbourne Osaka committee are inviting competitors entered in the forthcoming eighth edition of the Melbourne Osaka Double Handed Yacht Race (M20) 2018, to be hosted onboard the local boats for a fun weekend, to meet other competitors, mentors, former Osaka competitors and establish Melbourne sailing connections and support prior to the departure of this iconic race from Melbourne in March 2018.

With a full card of thirty two boats now confirmed as of 30 June cut-off, the Osaka fleet numbers three international entrants, including two boats from Japan and representation from six Australian states, with five from Queensland, four from NSW, three each from Tasmania and Western Australia, one from South Australia and fourteen from Victoria. Amongst the 64 crew, there are eight female sailors.

This Corinthian challenge also attracts a wide range of ocean racing yachts. A staggered start with smaller and slower boats starting earlier and larger faster boats later, makes for fascinating tracking of the ‘hot pursuit’ across the Equator and a nail biting finish as the compacted fleet pick their way through an armada of trading vessels up Osaka Bay. To find out who is going on this journey of a lifetime, check out the competition on the Melbourne Osaka Cup 2018 website.

So the end of the Winter Series Geelong weekend will provide an excellent opportunity to brush up on ship spotting and dodging, whether you are doing the local race or the trans equatorial M2O next year. Bring your crews along for a pre season ‘shakedown’ in readiness for the 2017-18 sailing season or host a team from our Osaka entrants to give them a taste of racing on Port Phillip.

The Passage Race from Melbourne to Geelong (M2G) on Saturday 9 September is the final race of the ORCV Winter Series as well as standing alone as a great race in its own right, for both mono and multihulls. This race also contributes to the point score for the ORCV Inshore Double Handed Champion Series and Overall Double Handed Champion award.

Host club Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) provide a great destination and facilities for an overnight stay, with bar, band and food available Saturday night and buffet breakfast on Sunday morning. A veritable hot spot for tall tales and true with the chance of picking a few ‘pearls’ from the ocean veterans.

Sunday 10 September sees the women step up to take charge for the fifth Women Skippers & Navigators Race (WSNR), the return Geelong to Melbourne (G2M) passage. Our local female keelboat sailors will have the opportunity to meet and compete with and alongside the Osaka girls – a great inspiration for our local Women & Girls in Sailing (WGIS) and the ORCV Ocean Girls. The WSNR has become a very popular and competitive event amongst our local female sailors, with WSNR divisions awarding trophies in IRC, AMS, EHC and double handed for those with greater than five boats. New helms to the race are encouraged by the provision of a Novice Skippers trophy which must be indicated on the entry form. For those navigator’s wishing to submit a Log, a Navigator’s Prize will be awarded for the best log.

The ORCV Geelong weekend signals the new 2017-18 season is ready to launch, with the ORCV calendar providing abundant opportunity for racing (inshore, offshore, international), training, mentoring, hosting and volunteering opportunities.

To make the season curtain raiser a success, we need your help to make the Geelong weekend event a ‘double winner’.

Please contact the ORCV office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can assist us with any of the following requests -

  • Are you willing to take a visiting Osaka team on board your boat?
  • Are you willing to provide a boat for female sailors for the Women Skippers & Navigators Race, which requires females to take up key roles of helm, navigator and radio operator, with the support of any crew mix.
  • Would you be willing to provide assistance to Osaka crews from overseas and interstate during their stay in Melbourne, with accommodation, shopping, interpreting,etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck and fair winds for the event!


The Yacht Racing Services Association’s annual weighing day for measurement rating certificates will be held on Sunday September 17th at Sandringham Yacht Club.

The Yacht Racing Services Association have been weighing boats since 1998 and through the fantastic support of Hydralift Cranes and Sandringham Yacht Club, they have been able to provide the best and most cost effective weighing service in Australia to Victorian Owners.

With the support of our Volunteers, Owners and the Keelboat Clubs, the day is run in a very efficient manner and the event is planned  on the basis of weighing six boats each hour – one every 10 minutes. This reduces the costs to Owners to a fraction of the cost incurred in other States.

Weigh AMS and IRC together for $150 per boat (Price may be subject to a minimum number of boats)

Call 0497 791 304 before Sept. 3rd and book a time slot or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To view Yacht Racing Services Weighing Day flyer – click here