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At last we have the rounding point in sight and some wind to help us get there.

Good spirits on board again - sunny, all well fed and the boredom of the "doldrums" past.

Full speed ahead!

Don Fraser

Reported at 5pm tonight. Five boats are rounding Maatsuyker Island now with a changed order. No Fearr in the lead and powering away in the building breeze. Following:ArchieVarta Spirit of DownunderIcefire Hasta La Vista These four boats are so close you could throw a handkerchief over them. It is anyone’s race at this stage and building to an exciting climax.

After three and a half days of solid racing in the Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart race the leaders are so close together they are match racing around the bottom of Tasmania.


After sitting in frustratingly light winds since last night the leading group of yachts are now on the home stretch.


At 17.40 Paul Heyes from No Fearr reported that the crew were all very tired, ‘we’ve had lots of wind and no wind and everyway we turn it is always on the nose.  The sea state is ugly very short sharp and bumpy.’


Tascoast radio informed the fleet of a forecast of north easterly winds of 15 to 25 knots however Yoko reported east north east 30 to 35 knots with two metre swells.

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The Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart and the Kidder Williams Melbourne to Launceston fleets set off from Portsea at noon yesterday and have been racing now for some 19 hours.


The 5am sched today saw most of the fleets continuing on towards their Tasmanian destinations.

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The Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart race has been running now for 25 hours.

Winds on the west coast have turned Southerly at 20 - 23 knots causing the fleet to string out as they slow down with the wind on their nose.  Seas still remain moderate with swells of 1 to 1.5 metres.

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