ORCV Offshore Championship

The Notice of Race for the 2017 - 2018 series is below:

pdf 2017 - 2018 Offshore Championship Notice of Race (V1 00 Final) (474 KB)

Raising the Stakes – Changes to the ORCV Offshore Championship

Following discussion over the past few months the Committee has decided to update the scoring and eligibility criteria used in the award of the ORCV’s premier Offshore Championship award.

Although scoring is still based on the best 4 results in ORCV races, there are several significant changes which skippers may need to consider when developing their program.

Details are given in the NOR which you can download from the link above, but three of the more significant changes are:

- If a yacht does not complete the Melbourne – Hobart or one of the ORCV’s two longer distance races (Osaka & Noumea) her results must include both the Stanley and Port Fairy races.
- Three of the four races used in determining a yacht’s score must have a Cat. 2 or higher race classification.
- Where a yacht has entered a race in one of more measurement handicap categories, scoring excludes PHS results.

The Perry Fletcher Clipper Trophy 

The ORCV Offshore Championship is awarded annually from the following eligible ocean yacht races in the season (best 4 races to count, see NoR for details):

Group 1 events
• Long distance ocean races conducted by the ORCV on a periodic basis including Melbourne to Osaka and Melbourne to Noumea or Melbourne to Vanuatu.
• ORCV Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster
• ORCV Melbourne to Hobart Eastcoaster (not scheduled in 2017-2018 season)

Group 2 Events
• ORCV Melbourne to Stanley or Melbourne - Portland, as conducted
• ORCV Melbourne to Port Fairy

Group 3 Events
• ORCV Melbourne to Devonport or Melbourne to Launceston (Rudder Cup)
• ORCV Melbourne to King Island

Group 4 Events
• ORCV Melbourne to Apollo Bay
• ORCV Melbourne to Westernport

Past Offshore Champions

Season     Boat            Owner/Skipper
2016/17 White Noise Daniel Edwards
2015/16 White Noise Daniel Edwards
2014/15 Spirit of Downunder Lawrence Ford
2013/14 Seduction Richard Nichols
2012/13 Bandit Ashley Trebilcock
2011/12 Dry White Donald Fraser
2010/11 eXtasea Paul Buchholz
2009/10 eXtasea Paul Buchholz