Apollo captureApollo Bay Harbour Update

With 2 weeks to go the fleet is currently standing at 26 yachts and the harbour at Apollo Bay is in great shape. The harbour leads have been renewed, providing an accurate guide to the entrance, and the dredging restrictions which effectively prevented entry last year have been lifted.

The Harbour Master advises that the entrance is currently dredged to 2.5m above low water. Tides are favourable on the day of the race with the predicted low tide at 4.45pm being 1.1m above low water. On that basis we currently expect that the harbour will be open for the vast majority of the fleet.

We will publish an update and a current soundings chart a few days before the race but, assuming normal conditions, the evening of 18 May is looking like party time at Apollo Bay.

Justin Brenan – Sailing Captain.