Races are Open to Enter

Entries are now open for the West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint, Devonport and the Melbourne to Hobart (Westcoaster). We are proceeding with preparations for our traditional Christmas races and on current trends, expect that by early December, vaccination rates will allow the border to Tasmania to open. Let us know your intention, enter the races early, deferring payment until closing dates which will allow us to continue to plan and get ready. Should Tasmania not be an option, an alternative category 2 race will be offered.

We are currently in discussion with regards to equipment audits for our opening race on 27 November. In the event that completion of audits is delayed by Covid restrictions, some dispensation may be granted. We will be in contact with skippers on compliance arrangements in the next two weeks.

On speaking to Harry at West Offshore Products, he mentioned he has a capacity in October (limited in November) for servicing of life rafts and offers a drop off and pick up service to Melbourne too.

In getting ready, all crew can assist by checking your Topyacht data, PLB's and qualifications, this guide works you through what to do.

Enter West Offshore Coastal Sprint here

Enter Devonport Here

Enter Melbourne to Hobart Westcoater here 

Fleet development and Skipper Support team

As part of our overall fleet development program, we are establishing a small “skipper support team”.

The objecting is to provide assistance to yachts who are looking to join our Cat 3 coastal racing program and for those wishing to upgrade from Cat 3 to Cat 2 events. The work needed to acquire measurement handicaps and to meet regulatory and technical requirements is not small but for many new skippers the biggest hurdle is a lack of knowledge of what needs to be done and “how to best go about it”.

We are therefore looking for a small group of suitably experienced skippers and offshore crew who are “ready, willing and able” to assist newbie offshore skippers with guidance and advice. If you are able to help, please contact our Vice Commodore Justin Brenan who will be heading up the team by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 0419 919 313