2022/23 ORCV Championships

As we approach 60 boats in the 50th Melbourne to Hobart and crews prepare with the qualifier to Devonport, the upcoming sailing season is shaping up to be big. Add into the mix some Coastal Sprints and the 70th Apollo Bay and you may automatically qualify for one of the 3 ORCV Championships, Coastal, Offshore or Double-Handed. The competition will be strong for all Championships this season.

Competing in 4 races (some category 2) will qualify you for the ORCV Offshore Championship point score. Compete in 3 of the 4 coastal races to qualify for the Coastal Championship. Compete double handed and you’re eligible too for the Double Handed Championship.

With 3 Championships, Offshore, Coastal and Double Handed there’s going to be some great competition for those looking to join the names on the perpetual trophies of those who have won them before.

Entry is automatic, Click here  to learn more about the Championships

Come ocean racing, coastal or offshore and add your name to the perpetual trophies and prior winners below.

Past winners of the Offshore Championship and Perry Fletcher Clipper trophy include
 2021/22 Alien J Brenan
 2020/21 Arcadia P Davison
 2019/20   Not Awarded
 2018/19 Alien J Brenan
 2017/18 White Noise D Edwards
 2016/17 White Noise D Edwards
 2015/16  White Noise D Edwards
2014/15 Spirit of Downunder L Ford
2013/14 Seduction R Nichols
2012/13 Bandit A Trebilcock
2011/12 Dry White D Fraser
2010/11 eXtasea P Buchholz
2009/10 eXtasea P Buchholz
2008/09 eXtasea P Buccholz
2007/08 eXtasea P Buccholz
2006/07 Spirit of Downunder L Ford
2005/06 By Order fo the Secretary G Shaw
2004/05 Bacardi G Ainley / J Williams
2003/04 Bacardi G Ainley / J Willliams
2002/03 Tevake A Fletcher
2001/02 Tevake A Fletcher
2000/01  Bacardi
G Ainley / J Williams
A Fletcher
 1999/00 Back in Business M Sabey
1998/99 Back in Business M Sabey

Past Winners of the Coastal Championship Include
 2021/22 True Colours J Strahan
 2020/21 Maverick A Hammmond
 2019/20   Not Awarded


Past Winners of the Double Handed Championship include
 2020/21 Maverick A Hammond
 2019/20   Not Awarded
 2018/19 Maverick R Smallman