Terms & Conditions for Online Event Registration
1. Confirmation of Booking
(a) All pricing is in
Australian dollars (AUD).
(b) Please make payment for
the course/event at the time of booking. If not paid at time of booking, it
must be within five (5) working days of booking or before the event – whichever
is earlier.
(c) Your name may appear on
the wait list until payment is received, and will be moved into the active list
once your payment is received.
(d) Confirmation of your
booking will be sent to you via email.
(e) Payment can be made
through our website using most major credit cards ( using the Paypal gateway). Alternatively,
we can take payment over the phone using Visa or MasterCard. We cannot take
payment in cash or at our office or on the day of event/training at the training/event
2. Withdrawals & Transfers
You may transfer your
enrolment for an event or training activity to another eligible participant
with 24 hours’ notice.
You may transfer your own
enrolment for a training course into another training session subject to the
following conditions:
(a) You provide us with at
least five (5) working days written notice.
(b) There is a vacancy in the
session that you would like to attend.
(c) Your first transfer (48
hours before the class) is free of charge. Subsequent transfers incur a
Transfer Fee charged at 50% of the course fee, which is to be paid in addition
to the course enrolment fee.
(d) Participants that do not
attend their scheduled training course are eligible for a transfer if they are
able to show good cause, such as a copy of a doctor’s certificate or other
formal documentation to explain their absence within 24 hours of the scheduled
class. If this is not done then all payments are forfeited.
3. Withdrawals & Refunds
(a) We require a written request
for refund at least five (5) working days prior to event or course
commencement. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of fees previously
(b) If you fail to attend your
designated event/training session and fail to show good cause for your absence
then your fees cannot be refunded.
(c) Participants that do not
attend their scheduled event / course are not eligible for a refund unless they
are able to show a good cause, such as a copy of a doctor’s certificate or
other formal documentation to explain their absence. In this case, they will
first be offered a transfer.
(d) If a participant declines
the offer of a transfer, they will be refunded their course fees minus an
Administration Fee equivalent to 50% of the course fees.
(e) Refunds will be issued by
electronic funds transfer into the credit card account that payment was made
from. Participants may need to provide their card account details for the
4. Non-Cancellation Policy
In the event that a training
course or other non-sailing event is cancelled, ORCV will offer a credit
towards either another event, a credit towards another ORCV charge, a transfer
into another session, or a full refund at the participant’s choice.
5. Incompletion of practical session
If you attend the practical
session but need to leave due illness, ORCV will offer you a transfer into
another practical session (where practicable) at no additional fee.
6. Copyright Notice
All materials, study aid,
forms and associated information that prospective and enrolled participants
encounter in their dealings with ORCV remain the property of ORCV.

For further information, contact the office on 03 9689 1622 .