2 Handed, Not 2 Late!


If you’ve been keeping up with the posts, you’ll see this weekend’s double hander is shaping up to have some great racing across the fleet.
In addition to the Archambaults and a generally solid representation by the 30 footers, it’s great to see the big boat end of the fleet lining up for a 2 handed outing, with 50 footers Smooth Operator and Cartouche going up against the 60ft Belle and Adrian Lewis’ 67ft Allegro.

But where are all the double handed 40 footers hiding? With a forecast that’s looking good (sure it’s just a forecast & yes it's Melbourne!), but it’s not too late to enter and to get your teams organised!

Sandringham having thrown out the teams challenge with a solid team of Wildside, Alchemist, More Noise and Bandit, are currently the only entrant for the teams trophy - Come on RBYC, RMYS, RYCV … is everyone really going to make it that easy for them? Surely a Geelong contingent of 2 handers isn’t out of the question - so far just Ando skippering Freestyle 1 to represent the City of Dreams.

It’s not too late, ENTRIES OPEN TILL 12:00 FRIDAY, May1st , DON’T MISS OUT, ENTER HERE!