ORCV Long Distance, Offshore Preparation


and Skills Seminars.




Stemming from the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria’s ongoing commitment to developing and expanding the sport of ocean racing and sailing, the club is conducting another Long Distance Ocean Racing and Cruising Seminar Series for 2010.

This is part of the ORCV's competitor support program for entrants in the:

  • 2014 ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V) Yacht Race & Cruise,
  • The next Around Australia Ocean Race & Rally (AAORR) - and
  • The next Melbourne to Osaka (M2O) Yacht Race.

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Generally speaking, the main outcome is for you to be able to partake in your chosen event/activity, with a better comprehension of the needs and requirements you will face, together with the knowledge to solve them or where to get assistance/information from.

Course Outline:

Topics for the first seminar at RBYC at 7pm on Tuesday February 9, 2010 are:

1. Launch of the ORCV 2010 M2V

  • ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu Race & Cruise
  • Cruising & Racing to Vanuatu
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Cruising Vanuatu Islands

2. Preparing For Longer Distance Offshore Sailing

  • Provisioning for long ocean races
  • Racing Categories 1 & 2
  • Communications (Radios, Email, Weather Fax, Sat phone, 3G internet)
  • Route planning, Charts & M2V Course
  • Water
  • Boat Policies & Manuals

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Future topics to be covered in the series will include:

  • Search and Rescue by (AusSAR), which is a division of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
  • International Protocols: Customs (Australian Customs), Quarantine (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service - AQIS),
  • Flag protocols
  • Sewing - Sail Repairs at Sea, with hands-on coaching by sailmakers
  • Remote First Aid at Sea, with practical, hands-on wounds suturing information from Doctors and Yachties
  • Dentistry - issues and management by Dentists and Yachties
  • Health issues, including additional Medical Kit items, Obtaining Medications, Disease Prevention and Tropical Hazards
  • Weather - Advanced weather information and topics covered by Bureau of Meteorology experts.

What to bring:

In the main, you will need materials for taking notes etc. You may wish to have eaten previously, as well.


Duration, Dates, Locations, Times:

Seminars are to be held closer to the event at time and place to be organised

The dates for the remainder of the series are:

  • 2. Date & Time TBA - Getting your boat ready and compliant for Cat1 with David James, Power & Radio with Colin Miller (or Markus Grinblat) and blue water insurance with Mark Crockford (or another Rep) of Nautilus Marine Insurance.
  • 3. Date & Time TBA - Suturing and Emergency Medical with Dr. Rosie Colahan and Dentistry with Associate Professor John O’Grady. Class size for this has been limited to 50 persons to ensure adequate professional coverage, so first in, best dressed - literally, huh! Please note there is a small charge for this section to allow for all the disposable medical items.


Click HERE to get your Enrollment Form for this sensational session of the series, which is the only one you have to complete a form for.


  • 4. Date & Time TBA - Sail Repairs with Mark Rimmington - NB this is at the UK Halsey Sailmakers Loft, 77 Beach Road Sandringham (above YV). Please note this session's change of location and the fact that it starts @1830hrs sharp!!!! OK.
  • 5. Date & Time TBA - Search and Rescue (AMSA and AUSSAR) with Lynn Walton, RCC Deputy Chief, Rescue Coordination Centre - Australia Emergency Response Division, AMSA; Quarrantine with John Field of AQIS, Protocols and Procedures relating to Customs and Immigration for entering a foreign port and returning to Australia with Sue Tanck, Supervisor Waterfront Operations, Enforcement Operations Victoria, from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
  • 6. Date & Time TBA - Weather with Robin Hewitt, Communications with Neville Rose, Provisioning with Robyn Brooke, Routing and Charts with Simon Dryden. A special feature will be a presentation from Penny Haire of Tidetech, together with the awarding of a very special prize.

Please remember to check dates, times and locations, as they can change.

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Course Presenters:

The information seminars will be conducted by suitably experienced offshore yachties and qualified specialists in the areas of boat maintenance/repairs, medicine and meteorology.

Who should attend?

You should partake in this highly informative series, if you going to go offshore for either racing or cruising and wanted to hear from experienced long distance ocean racing/cruising veterans. Specifically: -

  • Thinking about sailing offshore
  • Considering entering the ORCV's 2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V) Race & Cruise, the next Around Australia Ocean Race & Rally (AAORR), or the next Melbourne to Osaka (M2O) Race;
  • Ever dreamt about longer distance ocean racing and cruising, sailing to another country

More Information:

If you have a question, or require further assistance, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively, phone 9689 1622.