ORCV Safety and Training

Van Halen versus The Pointer Sisters: -

Jump! As in you can take your pick from rock, with Van Halen or pop, with The Pointer Sisters.


All jokes aside however, there is one thing you cannot pick or choose your way through. That, is the ORCV's long-standing policy on safety! The ORCV consider it prudent to have all of your crew SSSC qualified and updated. Even if the information falls into the 'never deployed in your lifetime' category, it is essential knowledge. The ORCV's, ever-popular and always booked out SSSC was shot by Matt Fahey, during the pool session of the last course, which was conducted in May, 2010. Many thanks for making it so, Matt.


Seems jumping in was infectious... The ORCV's Rear Commodore, Simon Dryden, is the man protecting others from the splash back.


Group One with the ORCV's good pal, De Colledge.


Group Two with ORCV Committee Member Marissa McManus in the mostly dry clothes, in the centre...


Group Three - still dry and almost smiling as much as the wet particpants... Something in that???????


Robyn 'no project too big' Brooke on the far left of Group Four, which was Donald Fraser's bunch.


Group Five with yet another of our very good pals, Brian McDermott.


ORCV Vice Commodore Donald Fraser taking particpants through the use of the heliograph (signaling mirror).


David James (another of the ORCV's good pals) getting the drone organised...


ORCV Committee Member, Gillian Kearns (often referred to in these pages as 'GAK'), assists a participant with the paperwork.


One of the drills practiced is the huddle with our 'participant' from above in the centre (email me your name if you would please - you can be the current safety poster person and join Gabrielle and Patricia as hero pic holders). Ian Lindsay, one of our regular readers and passer-oners of information tells me, "Your 'participant' is RMYS member Jordan Crowley, who did Port Fairy and Apollo Bay (very slowly - Ed. Oh yes it was!!!!!!) on Beyond Outrageous. She was also sailing on Tigris for the AWKR." Thanks Ian, who is very keenly looking forward to the MWS, he tells me. Based on their "we have a kite and we'll use it policy", I think I might know where he's coming from...

BTW - The process is imperative for staying warm until the chopper gets there... (and bless them for being available!)


The conga line not only looks great, but also keeps everyone together when moving about.


Hauling someone in is so tremendously hard... Take your seasick pill once you're in, too!!!


I love the life raft righting exercise - first you have to clamber up on to what should be the floor...


Then balance somewhat precariously and break the water adhesion to the rubber....


Then you absolutely have to lay into it.... all the while thinking to yourself what it would be like in the dark with 60knots blowing.


And I wonder if anyone reminded him that there was yet another dunking about to come up?


So this is Michelle Tapp and it is important to note that you do not have to be on the Committee to assist the ORCV in all of its projects. If you would like to help, call Sally Williams in the office or Simon Dryden, as I'm sure there'll be a project you can jump into (Boom Boom - Basil Brush). BTW, many thanks to all of the volunteers in so many areas that make it possible for the ORCV to do successfully deploy all its activities. Also noteworthy here is one Robin Hewitt (directly behind Michelle), whose dedication to the ORCV is exemplary. I did the very first SSSC that he constructed in 1999 and he still gives so tirelessly of his time and energy. Thank you, Robin.

Now given that this course is always a sell-out, I would jump (argh, argh, argh) at the next one in September (presently slated for 19, 20 and 21 September, 2010).


By John Curnow