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2015 Watching the Weather

There has been plenty of media coverage in the past few days about the chilly weather we are experiencing and there are many resources that provide forecasting information useful to yachties.
If you wish to learn more about the practical facets of weather applied to sailing, don’t miss out on the ORCV Weather Course. There is something for everyone- learning the basics, interpreting data and planning for your trip on or beyond the bay. The course starts on Sunday 16th August 2015.

For more information, dates and registration, click HERE

2015 May Safety and Sea Survival Course

We ask that you adhere to the guidelines requested of us by Wesley College for use of their facility to conduct the ORCV Safety and Sea Survival Course.

Wesley College
577 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne 3004


Please make your way to the classrooms and be prompt for Registration at 8.15 am on Saturday.

· Enter via gate 3 on Punt Rd.
· Parking is available in the School grounds in designated car parking areas. Parking on the grass is strictly prohibited.
· Check the pdf MAP (556 KB)  for access to classrooms #S38 and #S39 – upstairs on the first floor of the Senior school.
· Morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be served in the Senior School cafeteria located in room #26. No food or drink is allowed in the classrooms

· No alcohol is allowed on the premises
· Smoking is not permitted on the premises either within the buildings or on the grounds

SSSC- Is your certificate current?

Places are available for the SSSC course this weekend. Have you checked if your certificate is current?

With the end of summer racing and the hiatus before the winter series starts, this is the perfect opportunity to enrol for the course.

You can check the expiry date of your certificate HERE.

Register HERE. Any enquiries, call the office 03 9689 1622 

Ten days to go to complete the ORCV Survey!

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria would like to know more from the off shore community about how we can improve our sailing and training programs in order to boost participation.
So don’t forget to participate. Click HERE.
By completing the survey you go into the draw for a chance to win a Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket
Lightweight fleece jacket with revolutionary air circulation.
"Professional sailors challenged us to create the most versatile jacket you can imagine. Because they must deal with all kinds of weather imaginable. We made a jacket with a unique flow system that uses air pockets to regulate body temperature.This system conserves body heat when you need it, and lets you vent it out when you want it. Perfect as a mid or outer layer jacket"




With the Apollo Bay race now done and dusted (thankfully for most since it was a slow and at times painful race!), we can now tally up the final scores for the Off-Shore Championship Trophy.

Congratulations go to Laurie Ford and the crew of the Spirt of Downunder for a great 2014-15 off-shore season. In the four races that counted, their worst result was a third which is certainly not too shabby at all!


Congratulations also to the crews of Turbulence and Yoko who kept the pressure on Spirit right to the end. Going into the Apollo Bay race, any of them could have won but Spirit kept their nerve and sailed another good race in difficult conditions to finish off the season on a high note and clinch the series.

The overall results for the top handful of boats are shown below.


R1200 SPIRIT OF DOWNUNDER Lawrence Ford   47 ABN 3 2 1 2 8
H602 TURBULENCE Eric Marsh   47 ABN 2 6 1 4 13
R186 YOKO Robin Hewitt   47 ABN 4 3 2 7 16
R6806 BLUE CHIP Ian Lewis   47 ABN 2 8 2 23 35
SM3535 WHITE NOISE Daniel Edwards   47 ABN 1 10 47 1 59
S16 ADDICTION Richard McGarvie   47 ABN 4 8 47 5 64
B10 CARTOUCHE Steven Fahey   3 ABN 1 47 47 23 74
SM4040 BANDIT Ashley Trebilcock   47 ABN 3 3 47 23 76
S390 JAZZ PLAYER Andrew Lawrence   1 ABN 47 2 47 47 97