Final Reminders – Stanley

Before you head off, just some final reminders, please. 

Cash – please take cash so you can purchase your food and drinks on arrival. There isn’t a credit card at the event or teller machines easily accessible.  If you’re flying home, you will also need to pay for your car transfer in cash too.

Crew shots before you leave or on your way to the start. To build the sport and increase participation, we will use this photo when publishing your finish time or talking about your great race results. Send this photo direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Don’t forget to include your boat name.  

Tony and his team at Smithton Circular Lions Club are hard at work arranging entertainment and food options for your arrival and then breakfast options the next morning.  Please stop for at least a short while to participate as your way of saying “thank you” to these wonderful volunteers, and the community support given to the race. Thank you also to Greenhams for their support of Bass Strait Beef for the BBQ.  The community of Stanley are following you and are running a Dockside Festival until 9pm before handing over to the Smithton Circular Lions Club to provide you with food and entertainment on your arrival.

The race presentations we hope will be on at around 9 – 10am on Sunday.  Martin and Jeremy your Race Directors work incredibly long hours, prior to and during the race and are still on watch until you get home. So please make sure you also thank them and be part of the presentations too.

Thank you to all that updated your Blue Water Track profile photos and bio’s. Your friends and family can follow you on this link after 6pm Friday  If your friends aren't sure how to use the tracker, there are steps and videos here for them to follow.

The weather conditions are favourable for some of the boats getting in Saturday evening which is exciting for all including the Stanley community who are awaiting your arrival.  Have fun and be safe at sea.

Tim & Delma
ORCV Media

bass Strait Beef