Melbourne to Noumea International Yacht Race

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The NoR for the 2018 Melbourne to Noumea International Yacht Race has been posted and online entries are now open. 

Satellite Phones for Yachts not equipped with HF radio

The ORCV is approved to conduct two specific races under Special Regulations’ Category 1 with the following variations and conditions:

  1. This only applies to the Melbourne to Osaka and Melbourne to Noumea races.
  2. Compliance is not required for Special Regulation 3.25.1(a) for HF radio.
  3. The race committee shall require all boats not complying with the HF radio requirements of SR 3.25.1(a) to carry a second satellite phone, and that satellite phones can:
    1. Demonstrate speed dialling to AMSA and the ORCV Race Director
    2. Receive appropriate weather warnings.
    3. Be recharged during racing or are permanently connected to the boat’s power supply.
  4. Satellite phones shall be part of the Iridium or Inmarsat systems.
  5. Portable satellite phones are to be attached to the boat at all times.
  6. In the case of a satellite phone being used in lieu of a HF radio, at least one of the satellite phones shall use an externally mounted antenna.
  7. All permanently installed VHF radios to be DSC capable, programmed with a MMSI and connected to a GPS receiver.

Request for Early Entries
Early entries are being actively encouraged to assist with event and facilities planning. The on line system for this race will accept early applications for entry with payment of race entry fees until “closer to the event”.