The Melbourne to Stanley Yacht Race

Ocean Race distance:  152 nautical miles

Safety Category: 2

Start Location: Queenscliff

Start Time:  0840 hrs (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Start Date:  30 Oct 21

Race Record: 14h 36m 15s held by Kontrol skippered by Peter Blake in 2002 

The journey to Stanley is the traditional season opening ocean race conducted by the ORCV. The 152 nautical mile race is held on the Melbourne Cup holiday weekend at the start of November. The passage across Bass Strait finishes in the town of Stanley which is dominated by a huge basalt headland locally known as “The Nut”. This race is a qualifying race for both the West and East Coast ORCV races to Hobart and the Sydney Hobart race conducted by the CYCA. Berthing is available in the Stanley Boat Harbour and there are excellent facilities in the town for meals and post race refreshments. This race is part of the ORCV Offshore Championship


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Race History

 Year  IRC  AMS  PHS  Line DHD
2020  -   -   -   -   - 
2019 How Bizarre (S13) How Bizarre (S13) How Bizarre (S13) Lord Jiminy (S118)  
2018 Patriot (Sm133) Patriot (Sm133) Soiree Bleu (R34) Avalanche (Sm400) Maverick (Sm3600)
2017 Shimmer (Sm5005) Shimmer (Sm5005) Shimmer (Sm5005) Lord Jiminy (Sm119) Lord Jiminy (Sm119)
2016 Simply Fun (Sm42) Simply Fun (Sm42) Hartbreaker (B330) Simply Fun (Sm42) Lord Jiminy (Sm119)
2015 Rush (B45) Cadibarra 8 (R420) Extasea (G4646R) Rush (B45)  
2014 (Portland) Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled  
2013 (Portland) Senna (G14) Halcyon (R75) Halcyon (R75) XLR8 (Sm460)  
2012 Wicked (Sm4) Escapade (H538) (B434) Calm (Sm5252) Escapade (H538)
2011 Calm (Sm5252) Kiss Goodbye to MS (S37) Kiss Goodbye to MS (S37)  Calm (Sm5252)  
2010 Slinky Malinky (H777) Escapade (H538) Slinky Malinky (H777) Gusto (B660)  
2009 Calm (Sm5252) Wicked (Sm4) Pretty Woman (B5262) Calm (Sm5252)  
2008 Chutzpah (R33) Chutzpah (R33) Wild Side (Sm360) Shogun (R50)  
2007 eXtasea (G4646R) eXtasea (G4646R) Matangi (5350) Skandia Wild Thing (M1)  
2006 Living Doll Goldfinger Laurelle Goldfinger  
2005 Cougar Tevake

Icefire / New Morning II 

2004 Bacardi Rumbeat Yoko Gusto  
2003 Bacardi Bacardi Yoko Kontrol  

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 10:17

Five Starting Tips that Contribute to Running a More Sustainable Boat To all who have a love for the environment and our oceans: "Save the ocean, protect your passion and make an impact", is the message from all of us at the ORCV. Behind every ORCV race, there is a dedicated clean oceans team paying attention to important details of keeping plastics out of the oceans. During the recent Apollo Bay Race the ORCV team organised a fundraising activity to raise awareness of how, as a community, we all can make changes to keep plastics out of the ocean. The Club has had a long-held an interest...

Monday, 29 July 2019 21:58

Planning for a successful Hobart race With Winter well underway and a new season about to commence many skippers and yachties thoughts are well-tuned into the new season. Some have chosen a year off, focusing on bay racing. Others set their sights north, heading to Queensland for the various regattas, perhaps doing an ocean race on the way. Many others are focused on doing “a Hobart”. For many that will be a Sydney to Hobart, for others a Melbourne to Hobart. They are both iconic races and offer different challenges. The Westcoaster has a long history and has the added bonus of...

Saturday, 03 November 2018 08:43

2018 Stanley Race Weather Update Conditions are much brighter for the race crews this morning, with significant moderation of the wind and waves overnight. The forecast looks good, there is a chance of the race record being broken but that may change as the winds lighten off as the fleet approach Stanley    

Friday, 02 November 2018 17:35

2018 Stanley race start postponed From Nicholas McGuigan, Stanley Race Director As Race Director for the 2018 Melbourne to Stanley Yacht Race, I have considered the latest weather forecast and taken the decision to delay the start of the race to the next slack in the Heads. The new start time will be 0930 on 3 November and other related times, Sign-on Schedule, Shipping Advice Broadcast and the Warning, will be adjusted accordingly. A Notice to Competitors has been posted detailing all the required timing changes. As the weather system passes through, conditions are expected to...

Friday, 02 November 2018 10:50

2018 Stanley Race Weather Update Friday morning The trickiest weather for the fleet will be negotiating the passage down to the start this evening. The Race Directors Nick and Martin had a pleasant passage on the Spirit of Tasmania and are down in Tassie setting up to welcome the fleet in tomorrow evening