Melbourne to Vanuatu International Ocean Yacht Races


Race Organising Authority

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria Inc is the Organising Authority for the race.

Host Club at the Finish

Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club is the host club in Port Vila, Vanuatu, the destination of the race.  

Yacht Trackers

OceanTracker Satellite Tracking units are installed on every yacht. The trackers obtain a position using the GPS satellites, and then transmit that position back, every 4 hours.  Yacht positions are then plotted on the race Yacht Tracker Google Earth map.

Marine Radio

  • Kordia/Charleville Radio will be conducting mandatory position reporting schedules for the fleet and monitoring the HF race frequencies during the race.
  • Smithton Radio provide marine radio support for the fleet

Weather Forecasting

Course laying boats

Berthing in Grassy

Yachting World, Port Vila, Vanuatu have seawall berths and moorings available in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Yachting Associations