Stanley race is looking "Peachy", Getting to the start line could be a challenge, 25 to 30knots from the SW

It’s beginning to look a lot like a typical Stanley race. A lot of fine reaching bordering on windward, some slightly flat spots maybe the start and the finish, 10-15kts and maybe some spots to 25, a fantastic run home and not too much in the way of big seas. The predict wind calcs for the proverbial Beneteau 40 suggesting 22 hours. The models are pretty much agreed but the finish, as with most yacht races can be tricky. Have a look at the wind graphs and there looks to be some kind of small flat spot wandering down in the finish vicinity.


Everybody wants to be different! Wouldn’t it be lovely if the different predictions all used the same colour schemes! Check the BOM charts and the Predict Wind ones


Start Time



Saturday 1400



Sunday 0500



And the final picture is the route plan using four different models which are fundamentally similar for the 40ft Beneteau example but of course each yacht has its own characteristics which leaves individual and hopefully race winning decisions available.