Melbourne to Stanley race long range weather forecast.

The current outlook  for this year’s Stanley race is for a pleasant motor down the bay followed by a slow start in east to southeast winds of less than 10 knots. The wind should build during the day to east to northeaster  finally moving to the north. At this early stage like many previous Stanley Races positioning your boat to the west of the rhumb line would be advantageous but that’s hard to do in  an easterly.

Predictwind has a Beneteau 40 finishing in 19 to 24 hours

The race record looks safe this year and you might need a few more meals and a return home on Monday is looking like a more comfortable trip. The next update will be on Wednesday so stay tuned

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Predictwind models for Sart time on Saturday

Predictwind sat 01 30

Predictwind Models at 1pm on Saturday

predictwind sat 13 00

Predictwind models for Sunday morning at 4am

Predictwind sun 04 00