2016  Stanley Race Weather

What a difference a few days makes, the race weather has improved and coming home the cold front has moderated, so the trip home is improving. The ORCV are of the strong view that your trip home should be started on Monday.

The Race Weather forecast

The race will start in light easterly winds of five to ten knots followed by a light patch and then increasing to 15 knots by lunch time. As the boats approach Stanley the wind will increase and start to move North easterly at 25 knots so we should see spinnakers hoisted and the fleet finish in a hurry. If the fleet have a decent run through the light winds at the start we should see all the fleet home between 9pm on Saturday night and early hours Sunday morning.

The Synoptic Situation


Start Time - Predictwind models (PWG on the left, PWC on the right)


Saturday 12:00


Saturday 20:00


Saturday Midnight


Sunday Morning


Predictwind Race modelling (PWG blue, PWC red, GFS green, CMC yellow)

PW WeatherRoutingMap

The Summary


This is why we hope all the crews will have dinner with us on Sunday night. The map below is the 500mpa level and the winds on the surface are half that of the winds speeds on this map. The good thing is the area is moving north so will have less impact on the fleet returning home