2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu Race/Rally Update 2nd July 0800 hours

Another busy night on the trek to Vanuatu;

  • All boats now heading north except Myuna which is approaching the Gabo corner after successfully sorting out their leak problem.
  • Escapade, Trybooking, The Secretary and Cartouche hugging the NSW coast.
  • Alive well out to sea and Jazz Player heading out to join them.
  • One Cartouche crew member suffered bruised/cracked ribs during an unexpected gybe last night but resting and ok. Boat pressing on to Vanuatu. ORCV doctor in touch with them.
  • Geomatic suffered some rig damage during the night and is now heading for Sydney and all ok.
  • Escapade managed to damage its sprayhood during the night and lost its tracker somehow; expect their tracker position reports now to be erratic or more likely non-existent!
  • The Jazz Player crew can already feel it getting warmer ( maybe wishful thinking just yet)!
  • Ariel ll slowly making her way back to Melbourne, off Wonthaggi and no doubt pushing against the wind and sea