Cadibarra 8 encountered a some difficulties on the way home, boat and crew all OK.

Cadibarra 8 encountered a some difficulties shortly after 22:00 hours last night (Wednesday 04/01/16) on the return voyage from Hobart to Melbourne. The boat and all crew are all OK and currently at Lady Barron on Flinders Island.

On their return to Melbourne after the Melbourne from Hobart yacht race, when approaching Lady Barron on Flinders Island from the Eastern entrance, their keel hit sand banks and waves pushed them further onto the sand. Wind strength at the time was around 14 knots.
Cadibarra 8 has been to Lady Barron via the Eastern entrance several times previously without incident. Sand Banks in that area have a reputation for moving. Several ORCV members have advised transiting the same entrance on the leads and bumping sand, and when moving a little off the leads, were able to get through successfully.

Cadibarra 8 and her crew followed correct Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), when they got into trouble. As they initially received no response on VHF Distress frequencies, they activated their EPIRB, which was detected by AMSA. All crew were wearing their PFDs and were ready to implement further safety SOPs they have learnt in the Safety & Sea Survival course, if required.

Another Melbourne yacht Challenge, an entrant in the 2016 Sydney Hobart race, was at Lady Barron and relaying VHF calls with Tas Maritime Radio and alerted the ORCV Incident Management Team. ORCV Incident Management Team contacted crew onboard and monitored the situation, including updates from Challenge. Challenge provided a chart image with Cadibarra 8's AIS track which indicated the depth of water at Cadibarra 8's location was 10m.

Tasmanian Water Police Boat Protector 4 was despatched and stood by Cadibarra 8 and tried to assist them.

Cadibarra 8 managed to dislodge themselves and made their way to Lady Barron on Flinders Island, arriving around 03:00 hours Thursday 05/01/16. They have dived under the boat to inspect the keel and hull integrity and are satisfied all structures are sound. Cadibarra 8 intend to depart Lady Barron this afternoon, and proceed cautiously to Port Phillip and will maintaining position reporting schedules with Tas Maritime Radio.

Well done to the Cadibarra 8 crew on the way they handled the incident and the safety procedures they implemented after getting into difficulty.

Many thanks to AMSA, Tas Martime Radio, Tasmanian Water Police Boat Protector 4 and crew, and Chris Mrakas on Challenge.

Cadibarra8 2016 M2H Start