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Safety is our focus, safety related news articles are shown below.

Safety is embraced and encouraged before and during sailing events.  It is fundamental to our training, our racing and culture.


ORCV Safety and Training

SSSC for February, 2011.


There are a number of online viagra gel to buy boats that go to sea with their crew all SSSC qualified souls, which is plainly very smart. You can bolster the number of SSSC qualified souls for your racing this season and next Xmas by doing the new, small group of our famous Sea Safety and Survival Course. With Melbourne to King Island just around the corner (12/3/11), this is viagra 100mg also very timely indeed.

The first positions have already been taken by those on the waiting list and the new small group format will obviously fill even faster than the old large class, so if you would like to participate, then jump right in.

  • Held all day of Saturday and Sunday, February 26 and 27, 2011 at the South Yarra Sports Centre (Melbourne High School)
  • MUST get a completed and paid for enrollment to the office by Feb 18!!!!!!!!

N.B. We ask that you please read and comprehend the course outline and then complete the enrollment form,

 which is linked off the bottom of the said course outline. Click HERE to start.




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ORCV Protocol and Documentation

Are you qualified?

In relation to qualifying passages for the Heemskirk Consolidated Eastcoaster and Westcoaster, The Brass says, "A boat shall substantially complete a qualifying race of not less than 150 nautical miles, not more than twelve months before the start of the race. If you cannot complete a race, you can complete an offshore passage of 150 miles and submit a log of mexican cialis the passage."

Please call the Chairman of the Sailing Committee, Simon Dryden on 0418 145 909, if you have any questions.


Heemskirk Consolidated MD, Kevin Robinson, in front of the Heemskirk Consolidated Westcoaster and Eastcoaster banner.


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Melbourne Latitude Series (MLS)

Seminar is at RBYC on 11/11/10.

The MLS seminar is all go for Thursday 11th November at 1930hrs at RBYC! One and half hours is all you'll need and these are things you'll learn:

Introduction & Yacht Preparation

  • Latitude Concept
  • Mentoring
  • Upgrade path Cat 4 to Cat 3

Crew Management & Ocean Racing Evolution

  • Crew management, watches, sea sickness, moral
  • Evolution to cheap propecia 5mg Ocean Racing
  • Getting to the start line
  • Safety procedures & Briefing
  • Pre-race Preparation
  • Race Management


Call or email the office with your intended number of Pax, so we get the seating right, etc. 9689 1622 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - enjoy


This image may well be of the Long Distance Seminar Series, but then, they too were held at RBYC...



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ORCV Safety and Training

New Yachting Australia Regulations.

New regs came in to effect on October 29, 2010 regarding EPIRBS, PFDs and PLBs.  Whilst the wearing of PFDs at night is no stranger to us, given Marine Safety Victoria's laws and effective immediately at that, the Brass thought it pertinent to remind shoppers for PLBs this Xmas that the expected battery life of a non-GPS EPIRB/PLB is over five years, by which time the buying cialis in canada new rules will be in force (from 01/07/2015). Food for thought as you put the plastic down...

At any rate, have a read - they're short - and be advised.

Click HERE to get them, now.



Lots of PFDs inflated here (during the SSSC). Jordan Crowley from the new HCOTW, Gienah, is front and centre.


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ORCV Safety and Training

It's all about hiking.

In our third piece from Andrew Verdon, who is the Australian Sailing Team (AIS Squad) fitness coordinator, he is generic viagra canadian pharmacy no prescription going to provide us with some information on how to prepare your body, hike like never before and then recover from a hard day's sailing.


Click HERE to download Andrew's marvellous article on keelboat hiking.


Andrew would also like to thank Mike Dunstan, Andrew Palfrey and the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships for the photos.


If you liked this, you can also Andrew's first piece - How fit are you for sailing? There is also Andrew's second piece for you, too - The physical demands of offshore sailing.


Text by Andrew Verdon

Dip. Ex Sci

Grad Dip App Sci

Cert IV Fitness

Level One Strength Coach-ASCA


Mobile  0419 690 121

Email 1 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO Box 1552 Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia

Fax: 61 2 9908 4211

Skype andrew.verdon

Suite 3 Rear 19 Young St Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia

Entry via: 1 Cooper Lane


Andrew is currently completing his Masters Degree in exercise and has been the Australian Sailing Team (AIS Squad) fitness coordinator since 2003, including the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Sailing Teams. Should you have any questions? Feel free to contact him atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you're in Sydney, make an appointment to see him in person.