Notice of Race published for inaugural Melbourne to Noumea International Yacht Race in 2018

The Notice of Race is now available:  pdf 2018 Noumea Notice of Race (V1 00 Final) (1.74 MB) .

Online Entry will be available very soon.  Until then, if you haven't already Click here to Express your interest in participating.

A new Noumea event mini-website has been created for all things related to the race (which you can also navigate to via the Sailing > Races > 2018 Noumea menus)

In case you missed the announcement we made early this year, to follow is a copy:

Inaugural Melbourne to Noumea International Yacht Race in 2018

CNC Groupama RaceThe Ocean Racing Club is pleased to announce the inaugural Melbourne to Noumea Yacht Race. The Race will be conducted by the ORCV with the co-operation of the Cercle Nautique Calédonien (CNC / Noumea Yacht Club)(CNC / Noumea Yacht Club). The 1540 nautical mile race will start on Tuesday 29th May, 2018.

The Melbourne to Noumea International Yacht Race will be a Category 1 race with the overall winner to be decided under the measurement category with the most number of competitors.

The New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Island archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean are a truly beautiful part of the world. After Past OCRV Commodore George Shaw visited Vanuatu on a cruise, a new ocean race, the Melbourne to Vanuatu International Yacht Race, was proposed to introduce other sailors to this paradise on Earth.  

In 2006, the ORCV held the inaugural Melbourne to Vanuatu race – and what a race it was! There are still people talking about it at various clubs now.  The Melbourne to Vanuatu race was successfully run again in 2010 and 2014 along with the very popular preparation seminars.


To help participants prepare themselves, the ORCV ran an extensive series of competitor support seminars covering all aspects of long distance ocean sailing. Topics covered included Health, Provisioning, Sail Repairs, Search and Rescue, Salvage, Customs and Quarantine.

CNC DSC 3504c 1As the ORCV Committee considered a date for the next Melbourne to Vanuatu race, it was noted that 2018 would also be the next Melbourne to Osaka event. It was also noted that both CYCA and RQYS were planning races to Noumea from Sydney and Brisbane respectively!  Why not make it three co-ordinated races and we get a new race destination!

The Melbourne to Noumea Race start is timed so the competitors will arrive at approximately the same time as the 2018 Sydney to Noumea Race.

Boat owners are invited to join us for the race to Noumea. Which fleet will be the first into Noumea? Will it be a Melbourne boat, a Sydney boat or one of those from sunny Queensland?

The Melbourne to Noumea race is destined to become a classic!

In support of the race participants, the ORCV will again be running the training and preparation seminar series.  Some will held be in conjunction with the Melbourne to Osaka competitor support seminars. Watch out for details on the ORCV web site (


Owners and charterers of eligible monohull yachts measuring between 9 and 30.48 metres are invited to Express your Interest. 

Click here to Express your interest

Images above from Cercle Nautique Calédonien (CNC / Noumea Yacht Club) website.