Our supporters

The ORCV would like to sincerely thank the following organisations and individuals for their continued and welcome support.  They are usually the modest ones who dont want a fuss made and are happy to support the club.  In return, please support them wherever possible.




About our supporters

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iT & Beyond, the business of Neville Rose, provides discounted and pro-bono Proactive Managed IT Support services for the ORCV.  Using innovative remote monitoring and management they ensure Laptops and PCs used by the ORCV are up to date and that our business systems such as Office 365 and SharePoint support the ORCV's strategic direction in terms of cloud services and remote access. 

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Corporate Printers provides ongoing support for the ORCV, printing posters for free and the year book and training materials at discounted prices, often at short notice. 


Steb Fisher takes professional photos for our major events and allows the ORCV use of those photos for our Facebook and web site.


PredictWind provide the ORCV with an ongoing professional subscription, used for weather articles and for preparation for races using weather routing and route planning content.  Use of PredictWind for example helped the ORCV manage the impact of Cyclone Iris duing the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka yacht race.  Students to both the Navigation and Weather courses have received 3 months complimentary subscriptions.  The club also receives 2 x full subscriptions for awards as it sees fit.


National Pies provides welcome hot pies for crews as they arrive in Devonport and Hobart. 


Graphic Effects provide the fantastic graphical imagery on the ORCV van we use for radio communications and finishing of some races.


Expedition navigation software is used worldwide by offshore racers, it is the leading technology.  Expedition provide the ORCV with a complementary licence which we use in training courses such as our Practical Navigator and beyond the Bay courses plus 3 month licenses for a number of Navigation Course participants


The ORCV recently achieved a Google Ads grant for $10,000 worth of spending on advertising. 


Rob Date provides secure storage in his factory for the ORCV van which is much appreciated. 

 Bruno Cocozza   Bruno Cocozza Photography takes professional photos for our major events and allows the ORCV use of those photos for all our media needs
dave hewison photography    Dave Hewison Photography takes professional photos for our major events and allows the ORCV use of those photos for all our media needs
Survitec logo   Survitec, have proudly supported the ORCV for the past 20 years through access to hand heldflares for the Sea and Safety Survival Courses.
 AHO 2020   Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) who has supported the ORCV Navigation Courses with free student charts plus in person education sessions.
 Ronstan Logo   Ronstan has provided sailing bags and watches as prizes to the club for both Navigation and Weather course participants.
 CMap   CMap has provided charts for instructors to use during training courses.



Tidetech - update software for Instructors to use