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How to use the BlueWaterTracks Yacht Race Tracker website

BlueWaterTracks logoThe ORCV Garmin/DeLorme InReach Satellite Yacht Trackers are programmed to report their position at nominated time intervals (not every second).  For most ORCV races the Tracker check-in time interval is set to 30 minutes, for the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka race the Tracker check-in time interval is set to 2 hours.  The Tracker check-in time interval is set to balance between sufficient updated position information, maintaining battery charge and satellite costs.  There may be times during the race where Tracker check-in intervals are increased or decreased.

As the Trackers on each yacht do not all check-in at an indentical time, BlueWaterTracks tracking website estimates the yacht's current position.  Estimated positions are based on previous Tracker check-in position and latest Speed and Course Over the Ground (COG).  Estimated positions are indicated by a dashed line in the boats track.  You should not be alarmed if Estimated positions touch land.

The Leaderboard has Estimated Line Honours placings and Estimated Handicap placings for Performance Handicaps (PHS), International Rating Certificate (IRC) and Australian Measurement System (AMS) handicaps. 

The Leaderboard Estimated Handicap placings are based on Distance to Go and Velocity Made Good (VMG) history (average speed), less any Suspended racing time, to estimate a Total Elapsed Time.  The yachts Handicap is then applied to Estimate a Total Corrected Time.  The Leaderboard Estimated Handicap placings are updated during the race.   Please also bear in mind that VMG can change significantly during a race and that Leaderboard Estimated Handicap placings are exaclty that - Estimates.

Yachts can enter one or multiple Handicaps and will only appear on the Leaderboard Estimated Handicap placings for Handicaps they have entered.  

BlueWaterTracks public raceBlueWaterTracks Tracking website works across multiple devices and platforms (personal computers, smarphones and tablets).

Recommended browsers:

  • Windows computers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple computer: Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple iOS devices: Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Andriod devices: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

It is also highly recommended that you:

  1. Update your browser to the latest version avaialble.
  2. Clear/Delete your browser Cache

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Update your browser to latest version

2. Clear/Delete your browser cache:

 For further explanation on other features on the BlueWaterTracks Tracker website, please check out the following video tutorial:


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