HUSH Crew by Nick McGuigan

Crew Fees

All non-members participating in ocean races will pay a crew fee. The crew fees are outlined in the Notice of Race and are the order of $60 for Stanley, King Island, $50 for Apollo Bay and each coastal sprint and $120 for Devonport and Hobart.

In addition, if a crew member is not a member of another Australian Sailing Club, they will need to also pay for a temporary membership via an Ocean Pass ($60) for Ocean Races which is in addition to the crew fee.

Ocean and Bay Passes

These passes provide you with temporary Australian Sailing membership and insurance for 1 race and a set number of days for the delivery back. These passes are in addition to any crew fees.

An Ocean Pass ($60) is for 1 offshore race/event run by the ORCV. The Bay Pass ($20) is for 1 race/event conducted by the ORCV on Port Phillip Bay.

Check out if you would be better to purchase an ORCV membership overpaying for Crew fees and Ocean/Bay passes. 

To purchase an Ocean or Bay Pass, click on the following link. (LINK - COMING)


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Photo credit:  Nick McGuigan