2023 Discount Yachting Winter Series & Novice Return Series

The ORCV Discount Yachting Winter Series program for racing and cruising is based on passage style racing within Port Phillip Bay. The Series comprises four races including a destination race to Blairgowrie, a destination race to Geelong and two short passage races around fixed marks.

  1. Saturday 24 June 2023 – Short Passage Race (< 6 hours)
  2. Saturday 8 July 2023 – Destination Race to Blairgowrie - ^Re- Sail Date 2nd Sept 2023 
  3. Saturday 22 July 2023 – Short Passage Race (< 6 hours)
  4. Saturday 19 August 2023 – Destination Race to Geelong

In addition to the Discount Yachting Winter Series, return races are scheduled to provide the opportunity for crew and team development.

  • Sunday 9th July 2023 – Novice Return Race from Blairgowrie - ^Re-Sail Date to 3rd Sept 2023 
  • Sunday 20 August 2023 – Novice Return Race from Geelong

^Re-Sail to BYS Blairgowrie 2nd Sept 2023

Refer Here for the Final Reminders

As with all ORCV races, you can compete fully crewed, 4+Autohelm and Double Handed.

The races start in the vicinity of RBYC. Shorter course options have been included in all races to cater for the range of conditions which may be experienced during the winter months

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron (BYS) and Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) are generously providing their traditional overnight hospitality and camaraderie for the destination races.  

The ORCV on water distress flare practice will continue this year prior to the first race in the series on Saturday 24 June 2023. Details will be provided via a Notice to Competitors. 

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Please note that the Race Documents are for the 4 races of the Winter Series and also the Novice Return Races.

DY Race Docs

To enter the series of 4 races, after moving to Topyacht on the below link, please select Series Entry. To enter an individual race, select Race Entry.  Please note, at this point, Races 2, 3 and 4 will become available to enter once the race prior has finished. Please add a reminder to your calendar and come back to enter.

 DY Enter the Race

DY Enter the Race





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