Practical Navigator Course 


The role of the navigator today is vastly different to years past and mainly because of the availability of modern technologies such as weather information, better instruments, and electronic charting, etc. The practical navigator course explores these technologies in relation to both time proven navigational practices and the demands of the modern skipper for more detailed information

This one day course breaks it into; understanding the basics, planning your passage/race, and whilst at sea. You’ll be totally involved with working through practical exercises and you are encouraged to bring along your tablets or laptops.

This course is suited to Ocean Races, Cruisers, Motor Boats, Skippers and Crew.

Course Content

1 Basic and principles

  • What you need to know
  • Reading charts including a practical session with position and co-ordinates
  • Reading tide charts, general and then with the heads

2 Preparation of our trip

  • How to prepare and expectations
  • Where to get information from
  • Interruption
  • Working with software (free and paid)
  • Information you need in order to calculate for food, fuel and water
  • Taking into consideration prevailing winds
  • Look at electronic sea maps / navonics
  • Where to find information on currents, boat performance,
  • Comparison electronic to chart systems
  • Learning how to transit the Port Philip Heads

3 On water perspective

  • Understanding how far you will travel
  • How to get weather updates whilst travelling
  • Combining information to make sure you stay in navigable water and not run aground
  • Changes to the role of the navigator now with electronic systems and referencing between both and why.
  • Taking into consideration, web information, currents and where to find this on the internet and then applying this to knowing your boats performance.

Course Registration Information

May 2nd 2020

ORCV Offices, 3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Victoria.


$210 for ORCV Members, $290 for Non-Members, Free for Beyond the Bay Participants.