New ORCV Navigators Course

            May be run next in 2019 - module of Beyond the Bay

What is proposed?

  • A new 3 x 2hr session course, run at Bells Hotel in Sth Melbourne
  • Limited to 35 participants
  • Targeting Ocean sailors
    • Ocean racers
    • Cruisers
    • Skippers and Crew wanting to increase their knowledge
  • Focused on competencies (skills) rather than knowledge
  • Non accredited supplement to formal qualification courses
  • Covering use of navigation technology plus some first principle stuff




Bells Hotel in Sth Melbourne, in the Ballroom upstairs. Meals will be available downstairs beforhand. The courses will start at 7 pm.

How much? $210 for ORCV members; $290 for non-members (full course - all 3 sessions).


Homework Watch some prescribed videos (eg plotting)  

Night 1

7-9.30 pm


Where am I ?

  • GPS read Lat/Long and plot on a chart
    • Discuss datums and chart age
  • Positioning through observation
    • Lights
    • Landmarks
    • Depth
  • Positioning through dead reckoning
    • Previous log (hence the need to log)
    • COG vs Bearing and SOG vs Log (direction, current and leeway)
    • Very basic polars (wind angle and boat speed)
  • Backup Nav tools (eg Mobile phone, hand compass)



Group Exercise


Group Exercise


Group Exercise


Watch some prescribed videos (eg taking bearings, measuring distance)

Exercise – 2 different bearings and distance calcs

  • SYC to Sth Channel
  • Sth Channel to Blairgowrie
  • Any hazards ?

Watch weather forecasts during the week


Night 2

7-9.30 pm

Homework review

Discuss the weather last week

How do I get to where I want to go?

  • Recap on bearings, discuss:
    • Measuring on a chart (2 methods)
    • True vs Magnetic
    • Boat instruments
  • Waypoint entry into GPS:
    • Through cursor
    • Through Lat/Long
  • Navigate via GPS:
    • Go to Waypoint
    • Using a Route
  • Verify route is safe (avoid Vestas Wind scenario)
    • Zooming in/out
    • Waypoints - How far off and in what conditions ?
    • Observations during voyage




Group Exercise





Individual (Laptop simulator or handheld)


Exercise – Long route plan – Launceston to Melbourne via Lady Baron (Flinders Island)

  • Route
  • Hazzards
  • Weather
  • Bolt holes

Watch weather forecasts during the week


Night 3

7-9.30 pm

Discuss the weather last week

More advanced route planning (revisit Homework)

  • Weather, what to consider
  • Bolt holes and “what if”
  • Risk Mgmt – what else could go wrong ?
  • Fuel and power

Advanced technology

  • AIS
  • Weather routing (eg Expedition, Predict Wind)
  • Trackers

Navigation & Radio roles overlap

  • Skeds
  • Emergencies

Navigation in Ocean races

  • Race planning
  • Plans change (forecasts slow down, speed up and/or increase, decrease)



Group Discussion




Exercise using Predict wind



Expressions of interest.