New Transition Program: From Bay Sailing to Cat 2 Offshore Racing

For those who are ready for the challenge, the ORCV has developed a new program to assist experienced skippers who wish to make the transition from active Bay Racing to Cat 2 off shore events with a view to competing in the forthcoming Standley Race or the Christmas events .

The program recognises that although many of the Cat 2 racing requirements involve little more than the installation of equipment, there are other requirements where, in the absence of prior experience, compliance can be unnecessarily difficult.

The program includes a half day briefing on 29 July 2018 which reviews Cat 2 racing requirements and provides practical advice on how those requirements are best met.

Ongoing advice and support is also offered focussing on the practicalities of some of the more technical areas such as certification of construction standards and stability.

For full details of the program, for which entry is on a selective basis click here