Women’s Skipper and Navigator Race Set For New Challenges

Once again, the ORCV are honouring the long tradition of the Women Skippers & Navigators Race for the return trip from Blairgowrie. There is no better race on the bay of this magnitude for enhancing your skills and doing a long passage race. It's not just the pre-race preparation, but it also having a full day of helming or navigating to test your skills and improve your race management, navigation options, weather, tactics, radio procedures and crew work and management.  

Following the Blairgowrie Passage Race the day before, the morning starts out with going over all of your equipment, doing your pre-race plan with the crew and considering your course options and weather conditions. Assigning your crew positions and holding your safety briefing before heading to the start line. It is simply the best feeling!

For the more novice sailor on board a cruiser or racing boat not currently engaged in racing, are encouraged to come along and develop skills in key roles. To qualify for the race your boat will need the women crew to cover the key positions of helm, Navigator and Radio Operator, which can also be shared positions.

Navigators are encouraged to submit a log of their passage and Radio Operators are required to conduct the mandatory sign on and radio schedules, as detailed in the Sailing Instructions, and in many cases the radio operator is also the Navigator if you are light on for crew.

Organise your crew for a fantastic event and consider the options of using technology to navigate or paper charts. They both have their benefits.

Teams can enter this fantastic event by SMS to the Race Director mobile on 0418 396 605, or during the Pre-Race Radio Sign On Sked, as per the Sailing Instructions.

Race Entry is free for all eligible teams. 

If you are wanting to skipper or navigate and have not secured a boat, please phone Lynne Wilton on 0418 157 222 for a placement.

By Lynne Wilton, ORCV General Committee.