Race to the Pacific in 2022, the dream.

If you’re sick of thinking about Covid –19 and can’t wait to go sailing again, let’s work on where, somewhere which is warm and tropical. What started out as a chat between friends has built momentum and as the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, we feel this is a great idea.

But where is the question. With exploring the options of a race to the Pacific, we’d like your input. Where do you want to go? When in 2022 do we go? How serious do we want the race to be? Do we offer it as fully crewed or short handed?

Realistically we want to keep the race to no more than two weeks, the focus is on the destination and the socialising at the end of the race. So destinations need to have facilities, ideally a club that would welcome hosting us. Places like Noumea, Vanuatu, Fiji but if you have other thoughts then share them with us.

Heading back to Australia, we know people want the ability to visit some of the Pacific “must see” locations like Chesterfield reef. So do we race back or cruise? Do we tie it back into some of the other “must do” destinations such as the Airlie Beach, Hamiton Island and Magnetic Island race weeks?

Collect your thoughts together, generate some extra chatter by commenting and then put your feedback and thoughts on down completing the short survey here (link)

Turn on the heater, pop on your board shorts and hat, pull out the deckchair and pina colada and let’s start dreaming to “Take me somewhere warm please” by sailing there.

Take the survey here