ORCV Members and Friends TeamO Special Offer

Modern lifejackets, how they have evolved! ORCV is pleased to announce our partner Adventure Safety is now selling the TeamO back tow life jackets, a jacket that is being used more and more globally in today's Ocean Races. It is the only lifejacket with integrated harness on the market with Back Tow Technology. The BackTow lifejacket is the only life jacket that can keep you face-up in the water if you go overboard clipped on. Winning several design awards and worn by sailors all over the world

If you are thinking of buying a new jacket, looking to upgrade to a better jacket for the new season or just interested to find out more about this crucial piece of life saving equipment see the video. https://youtu.be/KSC8EasVhfg

People often ask if they should make their lifejacket choice based on their body weight, but in reality, it is more to do with the type of sailing you are planning. For overnight sailing, offshore weekend racing, coastal passages and cruising etc the 170N will be suitable for the majority of sailors. If you are heading off to do deep ocean crossings or sailing in very cold climates, it is recommended you consider the 275N lifejacket.

Four Quick Facts:

  1. It works like any normal premium lifejacket harness. You clip on at the front and it functions like any other jacket.
  2. If you go overboard whilst tethered, the lifejacket will automatically inflate and the BackTow handle will be available to pull. You must manually pull the BackTow handle for BackTow to work.
  3. Once the handle is pulled it releases the clip-on point from the front of the body over the shoulder, which automatically rotates the wearer in the water.
  4. The wearer is now face up, and chances of survival is dramatically increased. (The BackTow line is also an approved lifting point, so recovery of the person overboard is much easier, with reduced risk of injury.)


The ORCV Members and Friends Offer:

To buy a TeamO 170N or 275N BackTow Lifejacket with integrated harness visit Adventure Safety and use the promo code ORCVTEAMO2020 at check out to get $75 off


TeamO Lifejacket