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ORCV Van 2 burnt smaller

Our ORCV van was stolen and burnt out in April 2022. The ORCV van is critical for monitoring race fleet activities and communicating with all interested parties before, during and immediately after every race. It's our clubhouse on wheels! 

Our aim is to replace the van by November 2022 in time for the 50th Melbourne to Hobart race.

The replacement ORCV van will feature again an image of a racing yacht and will travel to all race destination ports (Hobart, Devonport, Stanley, Grassy Apollo Bay) and local and regional training events.

A Race Director’s desk, a bunk made for the long waits, and all the facilities to support radio and computing equipment, including aerials and 12V/240V inverter will be installed.

Prior to a race, a lot of equipment, including printer, binoculars, compass, charts, Internet connectivity and tea/coffee facilities are all loaded onboard. This allows the occupants to communicate with the fleet and produce interim reports and race results for displaying on the web. 

It is also where SMS and emails to significant others still at home and crews already finished are developed and sent. The van is ultimately shipped or driven to the race destination, where it acts as the ORCV “office”.

All donations via the donate button are tax-deductible and will be recognised in the ORCV newsletter & website.  

Donations of $1,001 to $5,000 will be recognized in our Annual Report 

Donations greater than $5,000 will be recognized with a plaque inside the van 

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We understand that everyone has different connections to the Van and you may wish to support the ORCV Van replacement in another way.   Simon Dryden is your contact and open to hearing from you on 0418 145 909 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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