West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint Series

Results from Coastal Sprints and Latitude Ocean Races

Results from Coastal Sprints and Latitude Ocean Races Results are in for yesterday’s two Category 3 races, the Inaugural West Offshore Coastal Sprint to Western Port and return and the 2019 ORCV Latitude Ocean Race .  The Latitude race runs each year although in this race, was the final stage for the Beyond the Bay participants who ventured into Bass Strait under the guidance of an ORCV Mentor. 2019 West Offshore Coastal Sprints Race 1 Line Honors ARCADIA - Skippered by Peter Davison with an elapsed time of 13:14:04 AMS
🥇ALIEN (Justin Brenan)
🥈ARCADIA (Peter Davison)
🥉MERSE [ ... ]

3 days to go Latitude and Coastal Sprints

3 days Until Registrations Close for Coastal Sprints and Latitude The 23rd & 24th of November will be a busy weekend of sailing, with both the Latitude series and the inaugural West Offshore Coastal Sprint series taking place. Both races are Category 3 and are designed for those new to ocean sailing or looking for further crew development opportunities. Enter here for Coastal Sprints Enter here for Latitude Series