Race Documents

Notices to Competitors 

Notice No 1

The NOR for the 2018 Bass Strait Series has been amended as follows:-

  • Section 3 has been amended by the introduction of  “Divisions” and “Handicap Categories” as defined terms with associated  changes in text for the purpose of removing ambiguity.
  • Clause 3.5 has been amended to clarify the circumstances in which the Race Committee may cancel a Handicap Category with fewer than 5 entries.  
  • Clause 11.2 has been amended to provide that data may be retrieved by a boat when racing from publicly available websites including those that may be accessed on a subscription basis.
  • Clause 11.2 has also been amended to extend the permitted use of stored power to include the operation and adjustment of sails.
  • The time of the compulsory weather briefing for the Melbourne to Devonport Race on December 27 2018 has been changed  from 0800 to 0700hrs. (Clause 13.2) 
  • The time and date of the compulsory pre-race briefing has been changed from 1400 hrs on Sunday 23 December to 1830hrs to Wednesday 19 December 2018. (Clause 13.1)

Notice of Race 

pdf 2018 Rudder Cup Notice of Race (V1 10 Final) (1.14 MB)

Sailing Instructions

pdf 2018 Rudder Cup Sailing Instructions (V1.01 Final) (775 KB)

Leave at Home document

pdf 2018 Devonport Leave at Home document (128 KB)

Sked sheets

pdf 2018 Devonport Radio Sked Sheet (54 KB)