What you need

Very soon you will receive your very own official Australian Hydrographic Office AUS143 chart of Port Phillip Bay, it’s yours to keep.

You’ll need the following for your chart reading; a set of dividers or a compass roller ruler HB pencil and eraser. If you’re wanting to get more sophisticated there are some links below that I’ve found, otherwise the stuff from officeworks will work just fine. I like the roller ruler plus another normal ruler to accurately project a line around the chart from the compass rose.

Officeworks - compasses

Officeworks - roller ruler

Professional Navigation tools



Lots of good Navigators like to replace their parallel or roller ruler with a Portland Course plotter



If you want to use a Portland Plotter you will need to watch these videos to learn how to use it



You will need your own electronic navigation software package 

Navionics available on smart phones and Tablets

It is available free for 1 week and then $35 per year

Creating a route in Navionics

Creating a Waypoint in Navionics

Create a route using Waypoints in Navionics

Chart Work Basics

Sea Master Training Centre - Plotting Latitude & Longitude

Chart Navigation (Chart Plotting Part 1)

Chart Navigation (Chart Plotting Part 1)

Course to Steer (Chart Plotting Part 2)

Calculating tidal heights practical boating MBM

Chart Symbols Explained

Navigation related videos

Summary of Navigation marks

Determining bearing using a parallel ruler

Determining distance

Plotting back bearings on a chart (to determine position)

Hand compass bearings – back bearing and triangulation to determine position

Hand compass bearings - back bearing and depth to determine position

Course Material

pdf 2020 Fundamental Exercises (226 KB)

Officeworks will bind it and print the handout in black and white for $6

Goto Training How to Help Video

pdf 2019 MWS Sailing Instructions Update V1.03 (1.02 MB)

pdf List of Lights (2.51 MB)

Chart Symboles Explained