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Apollo Bay.

m2ab map

Ocean Race: 54 nm

Race Start: Queenscliff 

Saturday, 17th May 2014

Start Time; 0230 hrs AEST

Safety Category: 3+

Apollo Bay - short perhaps, but tricky - well and truly!


2018 Apollo Bay Race Wrap Up   Congratulations to all podium place getters for last weekend's Apollo Bay race. This category 3 race bookends the ocean racing season and is always well attended. This year was no different with 22+ entrants putting their hands up for the race. In the event there were a couple of drop outs before the gun but all who were able lined up at 0330 on 19/05 2018 for the start. The weather was kind to the participants. A stalled high (still stalled at the time of writing) made conditions fairly predictable with a general WSW airflow over the race area ranging fr [ ... ]


2018 Apollo Bay Race Friday Weather update The weather for this year’s Apollo Bay race will favor the upwind boats. It looks like pleasant conditions with 10 15 knot winds and a 2 to 3 total wave height. As the current runs up and down the coast it could get a bit bumpy when the current runs against the waves. So crews I would keep of the grog tonight. Good Luck and happy racing  


Apollo Bay 2018 Update from Race Director Nic McGuigan We look like we are in for an excellent weekend's sailing with the well subscribed Apollo Bay race. The wind looks as if it will show up, even if it is on the nose, and coming back will be a breeze, so to speak.  Please read Justin Brenan's update post prior to this one (link below). It contains some words of advice about entering the Apollo Bay harbour should you choose to do so. There have been some difficulties getting this dredged lately so we can't recommend going in at this time. The harbour master concurs with this view. &nb [ ... ]

Apollo Bay Race

  Apollo Bay Race The 52 mile Apollo Bay race, starting at 0330 this Saturday, has attracted a strong fleet of 23 yachts including a number recent additions to the ORCV fleet - Jason Close’s new J133 Patriot, John Chipps’ Beneteau 41.1, Nick Foa in Jinnot a Gibsea 372 and Michael Krutsch in Sagreed, a Beneteau 57. With forecast 15 – 20kn south westerlies, Peter Bake’s 1999 race record of 5hrs 24min 04 seconds looks very safe but the Queenscliff – Apollo Bay – Queenscliff round trip should be fast. This year the approaches to the Apollo Bay harbour are difficult and  [ ... ]


Melbourne to Apollo Bay Race 2017 – Summary. For all of the talk we here about Global Warming and it’s continuing negative effect on the climate and our general day to day weather, it seems that there might also be some positive effects, like mild (dare we say even pleasant!) conditions for sailing in the Bass Strait in late May! With all 21 yachts and crew now either making their way home having spent the night in Apollo Bay Harbour, or home safe and sound with their families, having returned overnight, all of them will feel very pleased that they chose to participate in this year’s [ ... ]


2017 ORCV Apollo Bay Race The current forecast for the Apollo Bay race shows winds of 10-15 knots from the north east gradually moving more northerly during the morning, with slightly stronger winds further off-shore. A temperature of 19C and the possibility of some rain will make for a not too unpleasant trip to Apollo Bay. It looks like the spinnaker trimmers will get a good workout! The PredictWind models are largely in agreement and reflect the stronger breezes out to sea. Race times of about 7 hours make for a quick race though not quite record-breaking. Of course, this is the  [ ... ]

Apollo bay race review

Apollo Bay Race review What a fantastic race we had in the 2016 Apollo Bay ocean race.  With a stiff north westerly breeze the fleet made short work of the exit from the heads, bearing off into a fast broad reach.  With boat speeds noted on the AIS up to 20K.  Lord Jiminy had a great debut, chasing down Peccadillo who had the advantage of an extra hull.  It was exciting to watch as they battled the gusty reaching into the finish.  Well done to all, a special mention to Blaise Pascal and Norma Jeane who ocean raced with us for the first time, we hope you enjoyed the r [ ... ]

Apollo Bay harbour advice from the harbour master

Advice from the Harbour Master   Advice from the Apollo Bay harbour master, note cross swell running, keep to the centre or western side, not eastern side which has sand buildup. Aim for the boat ramp coming in.

2016Apollo Bay weather update Friday

Apollo Bay Weather Update What a great time the sailors in this year’s Apollo Bay race are going to have. A cloudy start to the day with a sunny afternoon and a maximum of 21 degrees. The weather looks perfect for those who would like to stop in Apollo bay and enjoy the hospitality. The Synoptic Situation A high pressure system is moving across Australia centered to the north of Sydney. This will give us Northwesterly wind across the race course, moving more Westerly on Sunday. The Race The fleet will start in 10 to  15 knot Northerlies which will shift more Northwesterly as the da [ ... ]


2016 Apollo Bay Weather Outlook Well it looks like the weather God’s are looking after us this weekend. The fleet of 29 yachts are looking at an easy race in warm conditions and if the weather holds there is a chance that Kaos’s 1999 race record of 5 hours and 24 minutes could be broken. The fleet will enjoy a very comfortable run down the bay on Friday night in warm northerlies Looking at the race forecast we can see from the weather maps that there is a fairly stable weather outlook for the weekend. The Meteye shows a bit of a different outlook to Predictwind as it takes the topography [ ... ]

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