Medical kit alert

Med kit

On 20 December 2016, the TGA released its final decision regarding the rescheduling of low-dose Codeine medicines from over-the-counter (OTC) to prescription only. From 1 February 2018, Panadeine (or low dose codeine medications) will be obtained by prescription only. Panadeine now falls under a schedule 4 drug. TGA have released a fact sheet, click here.

What does that mean for you and your boat's medical Kit for Cat 3 -1 ?

In order to obtain Panadeine, ORCV has been in an advantageous position where we have worked with the Department of Human Services and their Drug and Poisons Regulations, pre 2005, and have a PROTOCOL FOR LAWFUL SUPPLY OF SCHEDULE 4 OR SCHEDULE 8 POISONS TO RACING YACHTS IN VICTORIA. Many of you have used this rather than obtain a Doctors script to fulfill your medical kit via the participating pharmacies that are currently listed on our website. Not familiar with this protocol, jump on our website, its under Medical Information on the Safety menu. You can find the protocol document here" along with a list of participating pharmacies If you know of other pharmacies who would be willing to participate, please let the ORCV office know.

Also from 1 February 2016 Naloxone for treatment of opioid overdose is in Schedule 3 of the Poisons List (pharmacist only medicines). The down-scheduling to Schedule 3 applies to all brands, strengths, presentations and pack sizes of naloxone products. This means a doctor’s prescription is no longer necessary to obtain Naloxone, but it may be obtained upon consultation with a pharmacist. Naloxone, which is given by injection, reverses the effects of opioid drugs such as Morphine and Oxycodone.

For further information please contact Marissa Chalkley, ORCV Safety Officer and Chair of AS Medical Kit or Rosie Collahan, ORCV Chief Medical Officer.