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Bent Benny.

Melbourne's viscous weather has certainly taken her toll, recently.

We have just had this image and transcript sent to us. "... it was earlier this afternoon when we saw a rather sad looking 'Fleeka' come back into the marina with a busted mast. The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria had a race to Queenscliff today and I guess this is one that didn’t make it. 11 started and six had pulled out when we last heard, including two with broken masts. Bloody awful weather here today; a nice Merlot in front of the fire is a far more appealing option than yacht racing right now." Thank you to our on-the-ground friends for the pic...


A very sad Fleeka, all out of shape.... Commiserations to her owner and crew (and insurance company, I guess).

Sad. End of story.



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