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No. Not the canting keel RP66 (but yes, rack up yet another one for me with Jim Pugh).

No in this case, it's just a reference to 21. The Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta (AWKR), Gai Clough's other daughter, is 21 this year! Congratulations.

It was an inspired effort all those years ago and it is little wonder then that today, crews from all around the country come to Melbourne’s Port Phillip, albeit in the depths of Winter, to be involved in serious, yet terribly sportswoman like regatta. In fact, that spirit permeates everything about this event and by way of example, last year crews handed over some of their loot to other crews who had made siginificant efforts just to be there.

Gai had this to say in 2010, ‘I’m just so thrilled that my baby has grown to be such a huge event.’ Ed. So you should be, too. Wonderful result.


Gai and Sarah Clough.

It's true that you never know what conditions you'll get at this time of year, but that never stops a great turnout, with at least 180 sailors making the most of the opportunity to pitch themselves at some of the best all-female crews.


Silk, was driven by our pal Lisa Hammond last year. Wonder if Mitchy will be a good Dad and take care of the domestics while she does it again???
Here the crew cranks it up to skip past Top Gun.

Last year's PHS winner was our Tanya Stanford with her crew aboard, Nouannie. The little Scampi 30 has been a good one for them and in a display of how much they love it, they're off to Scandinavia (Sweden, I think) to compete in the Scampi titles, a little later in the year.


The 2010 Nouannie crew comprised of Cath Beaufort on trim, Katrina Economou in the office, Paulina Hryniewiecka at the mast, Kate Brown on the foredeck and Lynda Christopherson on the main. Tanya has the trophy...

The fun, games and serious business of winning, is on from June 11 to 13, 2011 at St Kilda's Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

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