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Safety & Sea Survival Course (SSSC):



The SSSC Update/Revalidation is intended for those who have previously undertaken the Full SSSC and are regular and extensive offshore sailors.  Course participants will be expected to bring with you to the course examples of current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used on vessels you have set to sea on, as well as experiences to share with other attendees.
Course participants will be expected to contribute with boat management strategies they have experienced including procedures and hard copy samples. These will be incorporated into discussions regarding continual improvement and best practice.


The outcomes to be achieved are the same as the SSSC Full course.

A new SSSC certificate will be issued by Yachting Australia to successful candidates and will be valid for a further period of 5 years.


In order to be eligible to attend the SSSC Update Course candidates will need to produce:

  • a log book vailidated by the boat owner or skipper or alternatively you can complete the Yachting Australia Self Declaration Form of Offshore Nautical Miles sailed of  showing at least 2500 offshore nautical miles1 achieved in the previous 5 years; and
  • evidence of having held a Yachting Australia SSSC Certificate2 in the past but not exceeding one year from its expiry date.

Both of these criteria are required to be satisfied for a candidate to be eligible to enrol in the Update/Revalidation Course rather than repeat the Full course.  If you are planning to attend the SSSC Update/Revalidation Course please ensure that you are able to provide, to your SSSC Instructor prior to the course commencing, satisfactory evidence to show you meet the enrolment criteria or you will be unable to attend.

1. Yachting Australia has designated that these 2500 offshore nautical miles can be comprised of (for example):

  • Category 1 races or
  • Category 2 races or
  • 2500 offshore nautical miles not racing or
  • a combination of the above

2. Yachting Australia maintains a register of SSSC qualified sailors (Click here to Check SSSC qualified sailors).  If you are not on the register you will need to produce evidence of having held an SSSC certificate.

The wet drill component is compulsory.  Your fitness to be able to complete all drills is anticipated.

What to Bring


  • notebook and pens
  • YA Blue Book
  • change for meter car parking available at Picnic Point, Bayside City Council car park
  • examples of current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used on vessels you have set to sea on, as well as experiences to share with other attendees.

Wet drill:

  • full 3 layer ocean clothing (inner thermal layer, mid layer and outer ocean wet weather gear layer) & sea boots
  • wash all clothing including wet weather gear before hand and empty all pockets
  • PFD1 YA approved per Blue Book, check for currency and compliance with Standards
  • Remove gas bottle from inflateable PFD1 if inflating manually
  • crotch strap
  • Towell
  • Do NOT bring Dye Marker, Tethers, Strobes
  • advise staff at pool that you are attending the ORCV SSSC to avoid being charged the normal entry fee

We recommend that you prepare for this course as you would for an ocean voyage and suggest you have an early night the day before and avoid alcohol.

Course Outline
The course duration is eight hours and comprises three elements held over two sessions. 
1. Flare shoot practical
This will be held on the beach at the bottom of Jetty Road, Sandringham
2. Theory review and exam

Held in the Olympic Room of the Sandringham Yacht Club following the flare shoot.
Conducted in a workshop style, the SSSC theory update will cover the same elements of SSSC Full course, focusing on changes that have or are anticipated.
• Introduction - Causes of marine emergenciesSSSC_Sep2005-InLifeRafts
• Principles of survival
• Personal lifesaving appliances
• Areas of risk and emergencies
• Abandoning ship
• Search and rescue
• Use of pyrotechnics
• Fire prevention and fire fighting
• Emergency communications
• First aid and early management of injury or illness
• Duty of care


3. Wet Drill practical
Held at a pool location generally in the week following the theory review.


Assessments are the same as the Full course

  • Theory Exam 80% pass mark; and
  • Practical competency (wet and flare drills)


The SSSC Update/Revalidation course is conducted over

a period of at least 8 hours

Dates, Locations, Times

Sun 23 May 2010, SYC, 12:30pm to 1:30pm - Flare Drill, Fire Demonstration, 
Mon 24 May 2010, MSAC Pool, 6:30pm to 10:00pm - Wet Drill

Tues 01 June 2010, SYC, 6:15pm to 10:00pm - Theory and Exam

SYC: Sandringham Yacht Club, Jetty Road Sandringham. Melways Ref: 76 E8

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre pool on the Northwestern side of Albert Park Lake


$200.00 for financial ORCV members.
$230.00 for non-members and non-financial members.
This includes the registration of the qualification with Yachting Australia and Entry Fee for the Waves Pool


Course Materials

A Student Resource Pack will be provided.

Gloves and Protective Eyewear for the Flare Drill will be provided.


Course Presenters

  • Robin Hewitt, Yachting Australia Yachtmaster Offshore and SSSC Instructor
  • Simon Dryden, Yachting Australia Yachtmaster Offshore and SSSC Instructor
  • Noel May, Yachting Australia Yachtmaster Offshore and SSSC Instructor
  • Neville Rose, Yachting Australia Yachtmaster Offshore and SSSC Instructor


Enrolment places in this course are limited and can not be reserved. The only way to ensure your enrolment is to provide the following to the ORCV at the same time:

1. Payment of the correct fee

2. Validated Log book or Self Declaration - see above Pre-requisites

3. Copy of your existing Yachting Australia SSSC Certificate not exceeding one year from its expiry date.

4. Completed Enrolment Booking Form


Click HERE for the enrollment form and then get it back to the office ASAP - it's always a sell-out event.


More Information

Contact ORCV Office for Enrollment and any queries: (03) 9689 1622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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