Final Reminders – ORCV 49th Melbourne to King Island 

King Island has been Covid free and as such we ask you all to adhere to our hosts' requests with masks etc as below. If you are unwell prior to departure, please STAY AT HOME.

Travel Permits – Apply Now

All crew on the race and rally will need to apply for a travel permit prior to leaving in order to enter Tasmania.  In addition permits to re enter Victoria must be applied for.  Follow the procedures before disembarking at King Island as outlined in the Notice to Competitor 3 here 

Important Steps after Arriving in King Island

We need all crew onboard yachts in the Melbourne to King Island race and rally to take note of these special instructions from Bio-Security in Tasmania. We ask that one member (not the skipper) on each boat, collate all the crew QR codes from your Tasmanian Entry Permit prior to the start and have it ready to supply within an hour of finishing. It's important for us all to comply with these instructions provided by Bio Security.   Links to the permits and steps are outline in the Notice to Competitor 3 here

You will not be allowed to step off your boat until this has been completed.

IMPORTANT: If any crew are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 then contact must be made to Public Health without delay (see attached flyer)

Tassie Covid



There are no EFTpos or credit card options at King Island. So please take CASH. We will have some raffles / auction of the delicious King Island food.

Masks - Pack them

The King Island Boat Club have asked us to wear masks on the tender service and when ordering food. Whilst we have different restrictions here, please take your masks and abide by their requests in this matter.


Your trackers will be delivered to your club by Thursday afternoon. 

Race Fleet, please turn them on between 7 –9pm on Friday 5th. After 20 mins, check you can see your boat on the tracker system here  If you don’t see your boat, please call the Starting Race Director.
Rally fleet, turn your trackers between 3 - 5pm on Friday 5th, check you can see your boat after 20 mins here  Otherwise call the Starting Race Director also.

Mounting, Using and How to use the Tracker can be found here 

MEDIA images please share 

Help us grow the club and interest in Ocean Sailing. Take a crew shot on your way to the start or on route and please share other images with our media team that you take. Join the whatsapp group to share photos, video and recounts of the conditions with us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To build the sport and increase participation, we will use this photo when publishing your finish time or talking about your great race results. Don’t forget to include your name and boat name.

Posting and Tagging When you share images on your personal or boat profile, don't forget to use the tags #orcv #orcvkingisland

At King Island

The King Island Boat Club hospitality is what makes this race so special. For this small club, our race is their major fundraiser so please make sure you support them by staying for at least a short while and show your appreciation to Rod (Commodore), Gary & Matthew (tender driver), Tanya and Linda (hospitality) plus many other volunteers who work throughout the weekend to accommodate you. We ask that you follow the instructions of the tender drivers for mooring and familiarise yourself with the updated mooring instructions as outlined in the Sailing Instructions

The fisherman of Grassy loan us their moorings and one was damaged last year. So please be careful and use the moorings correctly as outlined in the sailing instructions to allow us to be invited back again.

Entry to Grassy Harbour

Entering Grassy Harbour for the first time can be a daunting task. So preparation is key to navigating your way through safely. I would urge all competitors to set up a route in their plotters setting out a route to follow. From the finish line, you need to move to a position that is far enough offshore so that you stay in deep water. Once you reach your first waypoint you will turn to starboard onto the leads (298’ Magnetic ) Once you reach your second waypoint you will turn to starboard on the second set of leads (41’ Magnetic) until you are through the entrance of the harbour. There is plenty of room inside the Harbour where you will wait for the tender to direct you to your mooring.


The race and rally presentations will be held at 10am on Sunday. Ryan and Matt your Race Directors work incredibly long hours, prior to and during the race and are still on watch until you get home. So please make sure you also thank them by staying and being part of the presentations.

Keep King Island and our Oceans Clean.

As with all ORCV events, we encourage each boat and competitor to reduce the level of single-use plastic on board by using reusable and water bottles, using boat cutlery and plates, refilling onboard and taking food in reusable containers. King Island has natural beauty without the options of all types of recycling we have here on the mainland so please take your rubbish home and consider taking your own coffee cup onto the island also.

For those few who need to fly home. Please see the Race Directors on Sunday morning regarding getting to the airport.

Return Journey

Please be careful with your trip home, be mindful to avoid possible areas that you could run aground such as Elephant Shoal etc and many other points as you head safely home.

Lastly, the handicaps and division are now posted as our sked sheet and leave at home documents.  Have fun and be safe at sea.

ORCV Media




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Weather for the 49th King Island Race   What will your tactician do for 49th ORCV Melbourne to King Island Race? With a southerly start and the winds soon lightening and going east during the race, it's going to be tricky to pick your route. The race starts at 1.45 am Saturday (Rally 1.50 am Saturday start) and you can follow them via Blue Water Tracks here Race Fleet Rally Fleet