Start of 2019 Latitude via heads

Near Perfect Conditions for the 2019 ORCV Latitude Race

The 2019 ORCV Latitude has really called on the weather gods to be kind today with perfect conditions for the 9 boats and 56 crew, many who are completing the ORCV Beyond the Bay program with this being their maiden voyage outside the heads.

The wind and sea state are great for the introduction to Bass Strait with NW 10 - 15knots as they sail to their designated latitude and should turn to SW around 2pm for the run home.

Each boat will travel to a set latitude based on their handicap. On Blue Water Tracks, the green line is where Dell Era who has the lowest handicap will turn, the red line is the turning point for the largest handicapped boat, Summer Lease. All other boats will turn at different latitudes between these.   At the start of the race, the entrants are working towards Latitude Set 3 as outlined here

Follow their journey via Blue Water Tracks