A close finish to the 2019 ORCV Latitude

It’s going to be very tight finish in the 2019 Latitude Ocean Race.  All yachts turned at the designated Latitude within 39 minutes of each other.

Unlike any other ocean race where the bigger/faster yachts finish first, the Latitude Ocean Race has all yachts finishing around the same time, if the sail to their handicaps.

After 7 months of training, this is the final event for the 2019 ORCV Beyond the Bay Course participants, who have gained skills in navigation, transition the heads, sea survival, radio and expedition planning.  Each practical exercise like today's race is performed with ORCV mentors onboard.  It's great that the fleet are enjoying beautiful conditions as they head back to Port Phillip Heads a few knots faster than they headed their designated Latitude.  Wind is around 20 knots aft of abeam.  Giddy up!