The 2018-19 Ocean Racing Season kicks off with the Stanley race, entries are now open

People are excited, the 2018-19 ocean racing season is about to kick off.

White Noise

People are starting to make Christmas racing plans.  Devonport maybe or the Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster. Some may even cross to the dark side and do that other race out of Sydney. Regardless a season start typically kicks off with a race to Stanley over the November cup weekend.

The race provides some challenges, with the heads exit, currents and planning an approach which avoids wind effects from the “Nut”. Stanley itself is a great destination, a protected harbour with warm hospitality by the Lions Club. With the town of Stanley not far from the yacht harbour many crews find themselves the next day in the local pub for lunch after presentation and before heading for home.

Stanley is a popular race, an enjoyable race and definitely worth doing. Entries are open now, click here for the Notice of Race or here to enter.