"How Bizzare" Winner 2019 ORCV Melbourne to Stanley

How Bizzare Winners


It’s a clean sweep to “HOW BIZARRE” in the 2019 ORCV Melbourne to Stanley Race. The Reichel-Pugh Seaquest RP36 designed yacht sailed out of RMYS, has won all three divisions, AMS, IRC and PHS.

Congratulations to skipper Scott Robinson’s and his crew Damian Kininmonth, Peter Haug, (Sailing Administrator) Peter Amarant (Pitman, Navigator), Stuart Brennan-Smith (Foredeck) Grant Keys (Foredeck, Grinder), Stephen Reddish (Main Trim, Helmsman), Glenn Bailey (Bowman)

The Seaquest RP36 racer/cruiser, designed by the renowned international team of Reichel-Pugh, was a hot product in the 30 + foot yacht market when it was launched into Australia market in 2008, and as shown by Scott and his crews performance in the 2019 ORCV Melbourne to Stanley Race, it still is!

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