King Island Rally

The ORCV invites suitable ocean-going yachts to join us in a Rally to King Island.

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The Rally is designed to build confidence through experience for boat owners and their crews, providing a pathway to sailing further afield and in Bass Strait.King Island Map

The Rally is focused around providing participants with a wonderful experience and as a result will be heavily weather dependent.

Subject to favourable conditions the rally will depart from Queenscliff in the early evening of 5 March, some 6 hours ahead of competitors in the King Island Race. The rally fleet will have the support of the ORCV’s Race and Incident Management Teams. A well equipped and crewed support boat will chaperone the fleet through Port Phillip Heads and onto King Island and during the return passage, providing advice to new vessels and acting as a central point of communication with onshore backup.

The Rally fleet will muster in the vicinity of Drapers Reef which is between Shortland Bluff and the Queenscliff harbour entrance (Appendix D) before motor sailing out through the heads. The Rally Leader will communicate with Lonsdale VTS on shipping movements and advise the fleet when to begin.

Sheltered moorings and generous hospitality await the fleet on arrival at King Island’s Grassy Harbour. The King Island Boat Club will have a runabout and will guide you to your mooring location and provide a shuttle service between your boat and the club house.

You will enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the King Island Boat Club with BBQ and drinks running late into the night. Many have ventured to King Island just for their famous King Island steak sandwiches.

The next day and weather dependent the Rally fleet will depart, having you back in Melbourne the following day or leave the rally fleet to stay and explore King Island returning at your own leisure.

If you are interested in joining the Rally please call Grant Dunoon 0402 993808. 

Rally Documents

Guide and Invitation to Participate -  pdf Inaugrial King Island Rally Version 1.1 (1.04 MB)  - obsolete

pdf Inaugrial King Island Rally revised V1 02 (1.04 MB)  - Updated after briefing - communications revised

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pdf 2021 King Island Rally Yacht Condition Declaration (37 KB)  

pdf 2021 King Island Rally Equipment Checklist (68 KB)

pdf King Island Rally Briefing 2021 (22.29 MB)

  pdf Leave at Home Documents (749 KB)

  pdf Sked Sheets (373 KB)





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