Learning to sail in everything, provides Ambition in itself. .... Chris Dare

Winter sailing in Melbourne always provides a challenge as seen in yesterday’s ORCV Winter Series race 1 with light winds. The ORCV Winter Series started with 26 on the line in 2 divisions. The ORCV Race Director shortened that course and race results saw “Ambition” taking Line Honor's, 1st in AMS, 1st in IRC and in 1st in PHS for Division1. Whilst race conditions saw light winds and cool temperature the competition hot and winter light winds sailing skills were put to the test. Results are currently pending protest. For full results click here


ORCV Winter Series Race 1 Ambition Bruno Cocozza Photography smaller

ORCV Winter Series Race 1 Ambition Bruno Cocozza Photography


ORCV Winter Series Start also Bruno Cocozza Photography smaller

ORCV Winter Series Start also Bruno Cocozza Photography

Close behind Ambition in AMS and IRC Divisions in second place was Gerry Cantwell and his experienced crew on “Carrera S”. Completing the stadium spots were John Newbold’s Primitive Cool (2nd on PHS), Mick and Mark Welsh on “Wicked” (3rd on IRC) and Scott Robinson on “How Bizzare” (3rd on AMS and PHS).

Division 2 saw a great light wind sailing by Will Sheers on “Executive Decision” 1st on AMS, IRC and 2nd on PHS. Great racing by Koos Theron and crew on “Xenia” with 1st on PHS and Russell Hibbert and crew on Next Step with 3rd on AMS and PHS. 

In the post-race interview with Chris Dare he emphasized “predictions indicated light winds and we would need to transition between two weather patterns. We were lucky to get out in front at the start. As we went around the 2nd mark, heading toward to spoil grounds, the winds died off, so my son climbed the mast looking for where the winds were as we sat in a large windless hole/doldrums for about an hour.”

ORCV Winter Series the wind has dropped Dave Hewison Photography smaller

We’ve only owned the boat for less than 12 months with the view that our children needed a pathway and “Ambition” to assist them transition from dinghy sailing to bigger keelboats. “We did have a number of our crew onboard who will compete in the Sydney to Gold Coast although just under half of our crew are under 25 years age"

"Compared to prior years, it was great to see such a large fleet competing yesterday in ORCV Winter Series Race 1. We hope to fit in the Melbourne to Blairgowrie race before heading off north as we really enjoyed having the opportunity, challenges and sailing against similar style boats."

Enter the series or Race 2, The annual Flare Shoot and passage to Blairgowrie.


ORCV Winter Series After the start Dave Hewison Photography smallerAfter the start on the ORCV Winter Series Race 1 Photography:  Dave Hewison


 Light winds proved challenging for all on the ORCV Winter Series Race 1, Photography Dave Hewison

ORCV Novice Race from Geelong
15 Aug 2019 08:24

ORCV Novice Race from Geelong 1st September 2019

ORCV Novice Skipper Race is the return race from Geelong on Sunday 1st September. Check out the Notice of Race to see if you qualify which defines a Novice as "A first-time boat owner who has competed, as boat owner or in any other capacity, in less than 10 yacht or dinghy races in the past 10 years; OR A crew member who has no prior experience a [ ... ]

2019 ORCV Women’s Skipper & Navigator Race require...
10 Jul 2019 02:16

2019 ORCV Women’s Skipper & Navigator Race required light wind sailing plans. Winning skipper of Xenia, Edel Doyle revealed their successful plan. “We consulted multiple weather sources; Meteye, BOM and watched the ORCV Weather forecast provided Friday evening, and decided that the winds would be towards the middle of the bay on Sunday, so we stuck to our plan and sailed in that direction [ ... ]

ORCV Winter Series Race 2 to Blairgowrie, another ...
10 Jul 2019 01:23

Patriot crew photography credit Bruno Cocozza  ORCV Winter Series Race 2 to Blairgowrie, another “Winter Wonder” The second race of the ORCV Winter Series brought with it a sunny day with a light northerly wind. The day started at 9 am with 246 crew onboard 42 yachts who made their way out to the start line for the annual flare shoot on a very reflective bay. The forecasted 10-15 knot [ ... ]

Thank you to Blairgowrie Yacht Club
02 Jul 2019 11:21Thank you to Blairgowrie Yacht Club

Thank you goes to Blairgowrie Yacht Club for welcoming and accommodating the growing 40 plus yachts and crews participating in the ORCV Winter Series Race 2. If your boat hasn't confirmed your intention for a free of charge berth or numbers for dinner, please do so tonight. Allocated berths will be posted soon. Gourmet Buffet Dinner and Dessert is $35 per person and includes a glass or wine [ ... ]

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